Modernize Business Processes while Reducing Costs

Every enterprise has their own bespoke business processes to meet their customers' unique requirements.

With EdgeReady Cloud, you can rapidly build solutions for your custom business needs by:

  • Modernizing your existing legacy apps
  • Starting from a pre-built template based on industry best practice and adapt it to your needs
  • Starting from scratch and build a business process

Rapidly Build SAP Business Applications

EdgeReady Cloud is flexible to fit your specific needs, best-practice template can help you build apps, faster.
Modernize your business processes or enhance your existing ones 20 times faster while reducing TCO by 30%. Native mobile, cloud-native apps that can work with or without connectivity, regardless of your ERP technology or complexity.


Apps for Warehouse Personnel

Apps for warehouse personnel cover goods receipts, goods issue, goods transfer, and other warehouse processes to make them productive and efficient in the warehouse. These apps do not need any wireless infrastructure and operate in extreme offline conditions.


Apps for Drivers

Apps for drivers cover all aspects of logistics, reverse logistics, and transportation for drivers. The app templates available include store delivery and return, order capture, and product catalog.


Apps for Quality Inspectors

Apps for quality inspectors include various inspection apps, operating in both online and offline mode. The apps can be customized to meet unique business needs and integrated with any core backend applications.


Apps for Inventory Managers

Apps for inventory managers include Inventory Movement, PR/PO approvals, Goods Receipts, Stock Visibility, etc. Quickly modernize mission-critical processes with apps fully integrated with SAP or other core business application delivering the inventory and supply-chain visibility needed.


Apps for Master Data Managers

Apps for master data managers include Material Master, Vendor Master, Material Traceability, etc. Ensure data consistency, minimize manual data replication and enforce data governance policies more effectively while keeping data secure.

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