No Code Data Ingestion from SAP to Snowflake

Low-code rapid application development

A New Approach to Data Ingestion for SAP

How can companies effectively move SAP ERP data to a secure, modern, cloud-native data lake? There are four facets to adhere to when adopting this solution:

  • Simple and Scalable: Data ingestion tools must be simple, so that anyone on your team can use them with minimal training, i.e. freeing up resources. It also must be scalable. With Pillir’s solutions, you can be sure that you’ll have cloud-native architecture, mission-critical infrastructure, no-code approach, and an easy-to-learn and deploy tool in place.
  • Native Integration: Native integrations are important because SAP customizations are inevitable- every business process is unique and needs to be supported based on the needs of the business. This shouldn’t impose on the data ingestion process in order to move it to data lakes. EdgeReady Cloud offers just this- and natively integrates to SAP, discovers all customizations with no code and applies business rules in a streamlined fashion.
  • Governance: Governance refers to data being persistent and easy to manipulate, while also offering reporting, management, and guaranteed data delivery.
  • Affordable: If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, it must be a consumption based model, with no upfront investments and is quick and easy to deploy.

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