Partner Cloud Innovation Series

Business Transformation and Innovation for Financial Services Companies Running SAP on AWS.

Learn how to accelerate business transformation with SAP workloads on AWS in this informal, fire-side discussion with SAP experts from AWS, Lemongrass, and Pillir.

During this four-part series, we will:

  • Hear how other Financial Services enable transformation and innovation on AWS.
  • Learn how customers get started with their SAP workloads, and why AWS is the cloud provider of choice for nearly 6,000 customers.
  • Discover a disruptive approach to technically and functionally modernizing SAP.
  • Understand how to apply modern DevOps approaches to infrastructures and application deployment strategies.
  • Learn about how instituting standards and API’s enable real-time data flow and set the foundation for the application of ML and AI.

This is a four-part series. Please use the form to the right to register for the next event in the series or explore the individual events in this series below.

All events are lead by AWS, Lemongrass, and Pillir cloud innovation, modernization, and migration experts. 

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Vaidya Aiyer
CEO and Founder of Pillir

Vaidya Aiyer, C.E.O. and Founder of Pillir (formerly appsFreedom) has spent over 25 years developing integrations for SAP - specifically in asset-heavy industries with unique application requirements outside of the normal, desktop-based, in-office knowledge workers. 

His robust knowledge of data infrastructure and innovative expertise in enterprise SAP solutions is what inspired the creation of EdgeReady Cloud, the world's #1 rapid enterprise application development platform, built on AWS.

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Ben Lingwood
CINO at Lemongrass

Ben Lingwood, is a “first-generation” techy who grew up with a passion designing, building, and coding. He brings a wealth of knowledge to drive the “Automation First” strategy for migrating, operating, and innovating SAP on AWS.

Before joining Lemongrass, Ben was Head of Cloud Architecture for SAP and a founding leader where he created SAPs own private cloud business globally, building it from zero to the second-largest cloud business inside SAP working across SAP’s global business.

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Steven Kim
Global Lead of SAP Industry Solutions at AWS

Steven Kim is a global lead of SAP industry solutions at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Utilizing his SAP expertise combined with Amazon’s industry-leading cloud technologies, he helps customers find ways to accelerate innovation and develop new products or services. Steven has over 25 years ago working with manufacturing and supply chain planning systems,  and many High-Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Automotive, and Consumer Product globally.

Before joining AWS, Steven led an innovation team at SAP and drove customer adoption of new digital technologies such as IoT, SAP Manufacturing Network, Robotics, Blockchain, and Augmented Reality. Prior to this role, Steven held various leadership roles in product management, product marketing, and business development at SAP and Oracle. Steven is based in Palo Alto, CA.

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Pillir and Lemongrass Partnership Overview

AWS+ Lemongrass +Pillir

Helping SAP Customers Standardize SAP ERP and Increase Innovation with AWS Cloud

Together, with a patented new technology that standardizes SAP ecosystems and expertise in innovative cloud services, Pillir and Lemongrass provide the ultimate modernization solution for any SAP customer at any stage in their SAP journey. 

Receive and Implement the Best Strategy from SAP on AWS Experts

Lemongrass is a globally-renown consulting firm, recognized for their expertise in implementing, migrating, operating, innovating and automating SAP S/4 HANA, Business Suite and SAP Business One environments on AWS Cloud. SAP on AWS is all they do, and they always ensure agility and innovation for SAP ERP customers at the lowest possible risk and cost.

Standardize SAP ERP with EdgeReady Enterprise Applications

Pillir's EdgeReady Cloud platform is the world's #1 enterprise application development platform for SAP ERP customers. With the ability to plug-in natively to any SAP ERP system, EdgeReady Cloud offers SAP ERP customers the ability to quickly standardize their digital core while building modernized, user-friendly applications for any industry.

Invest in the Ultimate SAP ERP Modernization Solutions Team

Pillir and Lemongrass together offer SAP ERP customers the ability to bring innovation to the forefront of any enterprise company by leveraging the newest technology for SAP ERP modernization, as well as the industry and ecosystem expertise required to implement, migrate, operate and automate SAP ERP solutions, while leveraging the power of AWS Cloud.