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EdgeReady Cloud's low-code approach to rapid application development extends any workflow to any part of your business with little-to-no programming and no middleware. 

Challenges Across
Enterprise Application Integration

IT environments are made up of multiple critical business systems such as ERP, CRM, HRIS, and run key business processes on SQL and in other databases.  Across any standard enterprise corporation, there are many applications that leverage unique systems of record that house and support a company's most valuable data.

In order to connect and integrate multiple versions, generations, and types of these systems, technical debt is often accrued.  This is typically driven by business requirements that can’t be met with a single or the average out-of-the-box enterprise application solution. 

Managing these customized systems, unique applications, and the infrastructure required to support them is coupled with ensuring that API’s, middleware and any integrated web services operate effectively - allowing user authentication and connectivity to pre-existing workflows and applications. 

To meet user demand for speed, agility, and functionality, many companies customize these systems of record to accommodate the needs of the company and prevent the disruption of day-to-day operations. These customizations are typically built with short-term goals in mind and not with consideration of how these proprietary changes may affect the efficiency of processes and the costs to manage these systems long-term.

The complexity of operating, managing, and integrating multiple systems of record across various end-user applications, as well as across different parts of an organization, companies are actively looking for a solution that can scale with them, at high velocity, and not weigh them down as things continue to change.

EdgeReady Cloud’s Integration Capabilities Resolves These Challenges

EdgeReady Cloud supports any business system’s requirements and easily integrates with existing workflows and enterprise applications with a patented, native adapter - quickly providing secure access to your company’s most important data.
Easily Eliminates Complexity

EdgeReady Cloud simplifies any business system's integration landscape.

By utilizing built-in middleware and an exclusive, native adapter, the technology that drives EdgeReady Cloud was built for any enterprise application requirement used in any connectivity landscape with the ability to scale to any level while with direct connection to the cloud.

Instantly Unifies Data

EdgeReady Cloud simultaneously pulls data from every relevant business system and brings information together into a single, cloud-native platform. 

Users can easily create composite applications in minutes - marrying information from multiple databases and applications. 

Provides Low-Code Data Integration

EdgeReady Cloud offers a visual, low-code, drag-and-drop interface for building and deploying complex integrations between business applications.

This greatly reduces costs and increases speed-to-market, allowing team members to focus on innovation competitive differentiation instead of hours invested in manual coding. 

Offers Unique Pricing Model

EdgeReady Cloud offers a value-added pricing model, giving users the ability to pay only for applications in production (consumption-based) or solely for data migration (transactional).

This allows users to not have to pay for products that aren't positively impacting their business and driving innovation. 

Enterprise Application Integrations

EdgeReady Cloud was built to work with any business system, supporting companies in all verticals that use SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and other ERP and database systems, enabling the standardization of their digital core while driving innovation with the creation of applications that work on any device and in any connectivity landscape.
SAP Integration

Benefits of integration with SAP:

  • EdgeReady Cloud was built by a team of ERP experts, largely from an SAP background. Instead of middleware, ODATA, or PI/PO, EdgeReady Cloud leverages a native adapter that sits directly on a customer’s SAP system – no matter the version or the hosting strategy – and immediately discovers all objects, logic, and business data.
  • With the native adapter, SAP customers can also enjoy a customized dashboard to help identify ABAP and choose how best to remediate it or migrate it to the cloud.
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Oracle Integration

Benefits of integration with Oracle:

  • EdgeReady Cloud integrates with any business system, including Oracle. 
  • Pillir's approach to legacy modernization begins with identifying the use case of any Oracle customer and utilizing a native plug-in to integrate with multiple business systems. 


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Microsoft Integration

Benefits of integration with Microsoft:

  • EdgeReady Cloud works with any Microsoft business system or database, such as Dynamics and Excel. 
  • Pillir offers a native plug-in for Microsoft customers that provides instant, secure access into any back-end system.


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Others ERP Systems & Databases
ERP Systems & Databases

Integrations with other ERP systems and databases:

  • EdgeReady Cloud integrates with any business systems, including ERPs and databases. 
  • Leveraging the power of low-code rapid application development, EdgeReady Cloud's integration with these unique ERP and database providers is easy, seamless, and powerful.
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