Create low-code, enterprise applications for any device - with or without connectivity

Pillir's solution is a low-code, cloud-native, rapid application development platform that enables any ERP customer in any industry to generate resilient, always-available, self-managed enterprise applications that operate in any connectivity landscape on any device, and are tightly integrated to any back-end system.

Pillir utilizes a patented approach to enterprise rapid application development:


Easily modify existing app templates or convert legacy applications into modern, cloud-native applications.

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Take any business workflow and generate a customizable UI with one-click integration for any data system.

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Full life-cycle management, including role, user and version; as well as project management with access to intelligent, transparent analytics.

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What Makes Pillir's Low-Code platform Unique?

  • Resilient and Always Available

    Any user can utilize EdgeReady Cloud and its applications to conduct and manage workflows from any location, on any device -  with or without connectivity.

  • Easily Integrated

    Any user can easily integrate new applications with existing cloud-based applications, as well as with on-premise business applications and IoT systems.

  • Self-Managed

    Any user can take advantage of Pillir's cloud-based SaaS solution, enabling workers to deploy customized, elastic applications without incurring IT overhead. 


Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying

"We were actively looking to digitize many field processes that were historically web-based or paper-based due to connectivity challenges. We didn’t want one or two application projects; many in low and intermittent connectivity landscapes with multiple unique device requirements. Instead we needed an actual platform comprehensive enough to handle dozens of applications and processes. The architecture and ease of development has enabled us to rapidly transform field operations digitally. Building on the success of our app roll-outs, we look forward to working with the Pillir team."  Read more

Aparna Mathur

Vice President of Information Technology at Nabors


Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying

“The Pillir platform is a niche but powerful portion of our overall enterprise suite of solutions.  They have consistently developed and deployed, high quality, spot web and mobile applications that provide great usability, specific features and capabilities that much higher cost options typically deliver. The native, real-time, in and out integration to our core S/4 HANA SAP transactional system is one of the key strengths of Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud but I would also say the speed and agility in which they can get these solutions delivered is as well.” Learn more

Gabe Dellevigne

Sr. Director, Information Technology at Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, North America/Europe


Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying

“Pillir’s architecture and ease of development are enabling us to transform our job site operations digitally – creating better two-way data flow, improving real-time communication, replacing time-consuming paper-based processes with modern apps that appeal to today’s construction workforce, and equipping us to compete effectively in today’s disrupted, rapidly changing market." Learn more

Andre Coester

Head of Information Technology at Villara Building Systems


Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying

“With a lean IT organization and atypical application requirements for in warehouse and in delivery truck scenarios, the Pillir team helped us modernize our outbound deliveries to customers, inbound deliveries from vendors, our good movements process and our keg receipts process.  The cloud based SaaS architecture lends itself to our lean team as we don’t take on additional infrastructure or operations cost for the applications.”

Wine Warehouse

Chief Information Officer


Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying

"Using Pillir gives us the speed and flexibility needed to rapidly drive our business outcomes with a lean IT staff. NPC was able to increase up-time on our retail location’s equipment significantly, while decreasing the cost to maintain that same equipment by digitizing our approval workflow process with Pillir. They built our first application, but now our team has the skill set to create more and are quickly leveraging the power of the EdgeReady Cloud to extend our SAP ERP business system and maximize its value."

Mike Woods

CIO, NPC International

NPC International
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