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The Purpose-Built Low-Code Development Platform for SAP

SAP offers a wide array of features, but each business has its own unique processes, technologies and KPIs. 

Pillir offers a low-code development platform that enables you to build modern, enterprise-grade applications for complex SAP business processes that are secure, resilient, manageable, and built to scale. It includes everything you need to design, build, and run elaborate apps that interact with your ERP and third-party solutions. 

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An Enterprise-Grade Low-Code, No-Code Solution

Pillir’s visual application model makes building applications for ERP easy. Instead of weeks to months of writing code, anyone on your team, regardless of development expertise, can drag and drop graphical “building blocks” onto a visual canvas to create an app in hours to days. 

But Pillir isn’t a purely no-code solution without extensibility. Pillir allows you to extend functionality and build reusable activities, such as API connectors, base programming, logic, and front-end elements using an SDK. You get the best of both worlds – an easy, no-code development model with low-code flexibility. 

Pillir is really unique

Deep SAP Integration

Deep SAP Integration

Pillir doesn’t just “talk” to SAP via APIs that require you to build OData endpoints to connect. Pillir’s deep integration with SAP provides direct access to data with no reliance on connectors or appliances. Data flows from SAP to the apps you create in Pillir.

offline app development | Pillir

Offline Operations

Pillir enables offline app development for complex use cases in industries like oil and gas and mining, where connectivity is intermittent or unavailable for hours or days at a time. Robust offline features allow you to provide the same user experiences as if the tech were working online. 

ABAP Modernization

Legacy Apps Modernizer

Pillir enables you to modernize legacy ABAP code to preserve the business logic your organization currently relies on, regardless of where you are in your SAP journey. The ABAP Modernizer maps the logic and code to low-code objects, kickstarting your brownfield development process.

Testing and Deployment in Complex Environments

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud provides you with the ability to automatically test apps on any device running any operating system on any network. The app simulator tests all aspects of the app, including navigation, data, and user interface elements. 

Now you don’t use a specific model or OS. All apps are created from the same model in Pillir, so it’s unnecessary to choose the type of app (web, PWA, native mobile, hybrid, etc.) before you design. You have the freedom to design, test and choose the best way and best device to deploy – and no coding is necessary. Just deploy with a few clicks. 

One Platform. So Much to Offer

Build for complex SAP environments, EdgeReady Cloud provides full lifecycle solution from design to deployment

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Enterprise Level Security


Drag-and-drop Integration Builder


Deploy on any form factor


Automated testing across any device


Storage for structured and unstructured data


Role and user management


Project and transport management


Fully elastic infrastructure

Wine Warehouse

Wine Warehouse: Digitizing SAP Warehouse And Logistics Operations

"We streamlined our operations across finance, order entry, as well as how we manage stock, shipping, sales orders and our invoicing process.  Extending SAP to our warehouse and enabling some of our edge use cases with digital services was the logical next step. 

With a lean IT organization and atypical application requirements for in warehouse and in-delivery truck scenarios, the Pillir team helped us modernize our outbound deliveries to customers, inbound deliveries from vendors, our good movements process and our keg receipts process."  Read More

Wine Warehouse

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