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Optimizing the Entire Application Lifecycle

Create modern applications quickly using a step-by-step mostly drag-n-drop methodology with little to no programming making it easy to improve business operations, innovate and customize SAP.


Step 1: Identify your use case

The process starts with your idea for an app that will solve a business problem or enhance your operations. You can design the process from scratch, use a pre-built template or analyze your existing business processes using Pillir’s ABAP Discovery & Analysis Dashboard which enables you to identify and quantify ABAP technical debt quickly. It shows you the TCO of custom objects and generates a “to-do” list of customizations you need to remediate.

Step 2: Modernize your existing business processes

Now, there is no need to re-build existing legacy business processes in order to modernize them.

Pillir’s ABAP Modernizer allows you to automatically convert your ABAP code and business logic into modern Cloud-native, micro-services-based applications.

No conversion is perfect without you - the expert. Your team can review the mapping and ensure it matches with your business requirements.

App Behavior

Step 3: Block-Based Programming - Like a Kids Game

Whether you are modernizing existing code or creating a new app, Pillir makes the process easy. No development expertise is required to use our low-code/no-code platform, which provides you with “Scratch-like” block-based programming that allows you to create integrations, UI, processes and business logic using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Step 4: Collaboration - from design to deployment

Pillir knows successful app development is a collaborative process. All of our tools visualize planning and development progress in a way that’s easy for all stakeholders to understand. This allows you to take a more agile approach to development. By using EdgeReady Cloud all your stakeholders are working off the same visual platform from design to deployment, collaborating throughout the project and incorporating feedback to make sure the final product precisely meets users’ needs.

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Step 5: Test and Deploy

Once app development is complete, Pillir eliminates the time and resources necessary for legacy deployment processes and allows you to deploy with just a few clicks. All apps in Pillir’s platform are generated from the same model, whether you decide to create a cloud-native or mobile-native app, progressive web app (PWA), or a hybrid (regardless of OS).

You don’t have to decide in advance how you will deploy – or go back to the drawing board if you change your mind.

Step 6: Go Live

As you get ready to publish the app, the platform offers automated testing, which covers all devices, operating systems, and network providers.

When your app is optimized, roll it out to users and leverage Pillir’s post-roll out adoption analytics to monitor usage.

Native Integration Capabilities

Pillir's no-code/low-code and mobile applications integrate native device capabilities to ensure efficiency combined with simple and enjoyable user experience.

Grow Your Low Code Practice

Pillir makes it easy to develop, optimize, repeat. Build a team of both experienced and “citizen developers” who can build a library of applications that will benefit users and your business overall.

Accelerate Business Innovation

Whether you’re modernizing or maintaining your SAP landscape, technical debt holds you back. With Pillir’s low-code development platform, you can modernize your business applications now, accelerate your innovation, and do it all while cleaning up your digital core.



Modern applications optimized to your needs and the device you are using, regardless of Internet connectivity. Triple your team's productivity, increase efficiency and often increase safety. 

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Modernize your business processes 20 times faster than traditional methods, minimize your technical debt, and preserve the integrity of your SAP ERP’s core. Don’t waste time on just keeping the lights on.

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Accelerate your business’s innovation and responsiveness to threats and opportunities — all while reducing the cost to maintain your ERP system by 30%.


Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform helped us rapidly modernize our applications, facilitating greater productivity. We’re glad to have been an early adopter of this unique platform. It has delivered new efficiencies and agility to our operations through updated applications, allowing us to innovate and customize at lower risk and with less technical expertise."

Mario Lozada, CIO

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