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With 100+ engineering man-years of design and build time, Pillir's solution (EdgeReady cloud) is a rapid application development platform built to utilize cloud scalability, resiliency, and security. EdgeReady applications are hosted as SaaS applications, fully scalable and contain pre-built features, functions and visual application development capabilities. Users can generate applications with little-to-no programming or can extend the EdgeReady Cloud with code as needed. 

Pillir's solution meet the modernization requirements of any ERP system or database, providing pre-built, native adapters, as well as patented offline capabilities that enable data accuracy in any connectivity landscape. With the ability to automatically test an environment on any device or network, Pillir's solution takes on the most complex use-cases and increases speed-to-market with less resources than ever. Modernize any legacy application to a cloud-based, SaaS application and convert legacy code using EdgeReady Cloud. 

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Explore how Nabors digitized their remote field operations in non-connectivity landscapes.

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Modernizing Legacy Systems with Enhanced Rapid Application Development Solutions

EdgeReady Cloud supports enterprise organizations that need to quickly pivot operations and workflows, and create complex applications to support their initiatives. With its cloud-native architecture and patented modernization tools, the EdgeReady Cloud allows businesses to quickly move from idea to deployment while meeting the demands of the world's most complex infrastructures and workflows - increasing efficiency and lowering costs.


Easily modify existing app templates or convert legacy applications into modern, cloud-native applications.


Take any business workflow and generate a customizable UI with one-click integration for any data system.


Full life-cycle management, including role, user and version; as well as project management with access to intelligent, transparent analytics.

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