Restructuring Oil and Gas Processes to Lower CapEx Digital Series Event

Session One: Opportunities to Lower Costs in Today’s Oil and Gas Processes

The oil and gas industry is currently undergoing an enormous amount of strain due to the impact of monumental changes to the global economy. Budgets are being shifted to accommodate demand, impacting efficiency levels, creating new demand-driven workflows, and reducing the ability for innovation  to lower CapEx and maintain a healthy revenue standard. 

AWS’s Oil and Gas industry experts Marcos Kajita and SAP Expert Carl Bachor will join the CEO of Pillir, a modernization platform for oil and gas ERP customers, to discuss the opportunities for SAP customers in the oil and gas industry to learn about:

  • Where the biggest opportunity is for SAP process optimization for oil and gas companies around the world.
  • How modernization and cloud technologies lower CapEx and increase innovation for the oil and gas industry.
  • Next steps in continuing the conversation about how oil and gas SAP customers can have a hands-on understanding of how to implement efficient processes and lower CapEx with upcoming live-demo sessions and build-outs of actual oil and gas workflows and best practices for how to identify cost savings within an SAP ERP system. 

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