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ASUG Express: How to turbocharge your ECC in 6 weeks

Highly customized SAP systems and processes, often prevent enterprises from responding fast to business needs and making critical changes like support packs happen quickly.  Business logic in the format of legacy code that has been built over the years holds the business back while creating expensive technical debt. In this open discussion, we will be diving into the impact of challenges of customized SAP systems and how to solve them in your existing ECC system today - making any future migration or changes easier

To keep the discussion simple, we divide it into 3 segments:

  • Vallourec - a $ 5B manufacturer in the energy industry will share their journey to modernize its business processes without an expensive S4 transformation
  • We will discuss the challenges and impact of SAP customizations and processes
  • Deep dive into how to evaluate your SAP technical debt (you’ll get free access too) and steps to modernize it


Pillir’s cloud partner has agreed to sponsor a limited number of FREE ($12,000 value) pilot packages in which you’ll get:

  • Free ABAP analyzer dashboard
  • Training for unlimited SAP Developers on a unique purpose built development platform
  • Potential of one pilot application converted leveraging existing ABAP Logic


* The offer is limited by the terms and conditions 

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ASUG Express How to Turbocharge Your ECC in 6 Weeks

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Why Pillir

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Customer Testimonial

“EdgeReady Cloud is a niche but powerful portion of our overall enterprise suite of solutions. Pillir has consistently developed and deployed high quality, spot web and mobile applications that provide great usability, specific features and capabilities that much higher cost options typically deliver. The native, real-time, in and out integration to our core S/4 HANA SAP transactional system is one of the key strengths of Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud but I would also say the speed and agility in which they can get these solutions delivered is as well.”

Gabe Dellevigne
Sr. Director, Information Technology at Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, North America/Europe