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Oil & Gas


Oil and Gas companies often struggle with inconsistent network availability across distributed operating sites, causing an inability to sync exponentially growing data between sites and back-end systems.  Reduced visibility and efficiency are common. Employee productivity challenges frequently arise due to a variety of factors such as a lack of composite user-centric experiences in the field.

What’s Required:

  • A way to extend a digital core and provide full business experience and business logic to remote locations with limited or no connectivity — including seamless user-centric experiences, stronger productivity, and optimized efficiency in the field 
  • Solutions that are mobile-friendly and platform and OS-independent (can work on tablet, mobile phone or hardened device like Zebra)
  • Ability to quickly modernize and adapt business processes with limited IT resources — and without resorting to complete digital transformation

The Solution:

Pillir will meet the requirements for this challenge by

Accelerate business transformation

Digitize and modernize mission-critical business processes up to the last mile, including remote locations that struggle with little-to-no connectivity, 20 times faster, regardless of stage of digital transformation.

Integrate Modern Operating - Everywhere

Integrate remote operating sites with back-office operations – even where network availability is limited or not possible, while increasing employee efficiency and productivity.

Sustain Legacy Business Processes

Using Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud, oil and gas companies can automatically convert existing customization work into modern mobile-friendly solutions, not losing knowledge nor logic built over the years.

Nabors 110x110 Website

Case Study


Learn how Pillir enabled one of the world’s largest drilling contractors to digitize remote field operations that lack network connectivity.

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Manufacturers globally are struggling to deliver products at a quicker pace and control their constantly changing supply chain, while ensuring employee safety and product quality. Process modernization, need for automation and data visibility are crucial for success and competitiveness. 

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What’s Required:

  • Simplifying and digitizing your SAP systems with mobile online and offline access to SAP work orders, notifications, equipment and digital forms.
  • Extend digital core to various internal and partner sites regardless and gain real-time visibility across facilities and accelerate decision-making process.
  • Quickly create user-centric solution streamlinng manufacturing processes, increasing productivity, safety and efficiency while decreasing costs.

The Solution:

Manufacturers globally use Pillir’s solution to gain competitive advanatge

Uninterrupted Production - Reduced Downtime

Quickly deliver and change manufacturing and operations workflows, modern always-on mobile work orders, inventory management, cash to order or any other process you can imagine

Integrated Operating Sites

Easily tighten up integration processes to core ERP with sharper visibility and intelligence from internal back-office functions to partner sites such as 3PLs

Optimized Employee Productivity

Modernize user interfaces to a fully integrated solution that bolsters efficiency and facilitates collaboration with IT for custom application development needs – all while eliminating reliance on paper, spreadsheets or dedicated workstations.

toray case study logo

Case Study

Toray Plastics

Toray a world leader in synthetic fibers and textiles with disitrbuted manufacturing. Discover how using Pillir’s platform them digitized inventory management in weeks, increasing safety and productivity on the shop floor.

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On-time shipping and delivery are ever-present concerns for any logistics enterprise, especially considering supply and capacity constraints. Rising costs, dynamic economic rates, changing regulations, inventory management shortcomings and poor end-to-end visibility are all among daunting realities – along with unplanned events, most notably a global pandemic.

What’s Required:

  • Digital transformation without expensive – and risky – migration, yet still fully integrated from the core to the edge, straight to users, empowered and more directly accountable 
  • Optimized data-driven approach that includes staying connected to drivers, even in the most remote locations where connectivity isn’t even possible
  • Seamless integration between different technologies used in the field and office environments, while maintaining full transparency of orders, available inventory and more  

The Solution:

Using Pillir's platform, logistics enterprises innovate world-class supply chain

Digitized Processes and Procedure

Gain full visibility and transparency by digitally optimizing processes, reverse logistics, fleet maintenance, driver management, fuel monitoring, package tracking, and route planning…all with modern, mobile-friendly applications.

Tighter Control and Insight

Ensure on-time data availability from offices to the most remote field operations, with accurate dispatch and scheduling, enhanced vehicle tracking and location, and full transparency of order status.

Optimal Integration

Leverage low-code digital applications that unite systems and workflow, including field operators, while delivering a composite user-centric experience – whether online or without network access, supported by increased collaboration between lines of business and IT.


Case Study

Mobile Mini

The world’s leading provider of portable storage solutions digitized their infrastructure by streamlining physical inventory with Pillir.

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Construction companies often face antiquated paper-based processes and creating oversights and delays. Digital processes often halt or fall short without remote access or when collaborating across functions and systems as well as with business partners, different manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and on-site workers. Seasonal crews can be especially slow to ramp up when needing to learn cumbersome processes in arcane application environments.

What’s Required:

  • Effective collaboration across manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and field workers, in a fully digitized process.
  • Optimized profitability, increased speed and efficiency through improved workflow and digitized processes, while increasing quality, schedule adherence, and safety protocols – all with greater visibility to materials and inventory on hand, further supporting cost savings.
  • Connected workforce even in remote construction sites with limited or no network access – to accurately track activities and needs, from the availability of materials to quality assurance.

The Solution:

Using Pillir constration companies are future ready

Cost-Effective Incremental Digital Transformation

Easily digitize and mobile-enable mission-critical processes up to the last mile – including remote locations with little-to-no connectivity – through low-code application development that can be done rapidly and efficiently, even with small development teams and complex IT environments.

Integrate Operating Sites

Integrate remote and local operating sites in ways previously not possible or feasible, enabling better real-time insight and intelligence at all locations

Optimized Productivity

Modernize user experiences and field operator efficiency through digital applications that boost productivity and improve decision making, which shortening temp workflow training and ensure consistancy.


Case Study

Villara Building Systems

Villara conducts hundreds of construction projects at any given time; learn how digitizing their contract workforce management with Pillir led to unprecedented efficiencies.

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Agriculture industry companies face extraordinary risks and high costs for scalable improvements. As the sector continues to become mechanized and more industrial in nature, new challenges arise pertaining to production, sustainability, insurance, marketing, supply chains, packaging and distribution.

What’s Required To Maximize Efficiency:

  • Digitized production management processes and data collection to the last mile.
  • Staying connected to remote locations, remote devices and workers even when network connectivity isn’t available. Letting farmers get the information they need in a timely manner, ensure food is sent to the right market and sold at a fair price.
  • Seamless integration between systems and technologies as well as logistics companies, distributors and vendors.

The Solution:

Agriculture companies can now get faster to the market using Pillir

Rapid Digital Transformation

Digitize agriculture business processes quickly and up to the last mile, including remote locations with little to no connectivity.

Integrated Operating Sites

Integrate operating sites with other remote locations, such as back-office operations to field workers – all without dependency on uninterrupted network availability.

Improved Yields and Profitability

Quickly creating digital agriculture processes helps improve yields, cut food loss and waste, and help farmers receive fair pay for what they produce.


Case Study

Dole Packaged Foods

Learn how in less than six weeks Pillir’s platform Dole digitize its materials master creation process 

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Traditional slowing moving pharmaceutical industry is now looking to handle multiple challenges - fast. Unprecedented disruption supply chains globally and need for agile tools in order to gather and manage data well while creating action plans are holding back innovation and response to dynamic market.

What’s Required:

  • Digital applications that reduce risk, complexity and costs from R&D to delivery while advancing quality, regulatory compliance and processes without excessive investment.
  • A faster, more accurate and transparent operations in all the fields, fully integrated with suppliers, vendors and logitics companies to allow for quick changes in supply chain.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has to be very tenacious and build processes adhering to the safety guidelines and regulations that can easily adjusted to the local governance requirments.

The Solution:

Pharmaceutical industry companies turn to Pillir for…

Low-code Development, High Value

Digitally transform operations or adjust processes without the long delays and high costs associated with traditional application development processes.

Local compliance, centralized development

Pillir based applications require limited or not programming allows for simple adjustment of business process to ensure compliance with local regulations and requirements. While ensuring core integration and global compliance is kept.

Integrated Operating Sites

Integrate operating sites with other remote locations, including supply-chain partners open to more seamless interconnectivity and process optimization.




Every new step or process in the automotive industry can be vexing, especially in a complex ERP environment. With data distributed across multiple systems and vendors managing supply chain and inventory become even more difficult and data visibility and the ability to respond quickly are essential.

What’s Required:

  • Streamlined and improved processes that save time and money – including through much more rapid application related application development to delivery.
  • More seamless workflow from planning and engineering to manufacturing and production as well as in support of quality management, safety measures and regulatory compliance.
  • The ability to envision and more quickly deploy digital applications wherever you see a need or opportunity.

The Solution:

Automotive industry companies turn to Pillir for…

Efficient Digital Transformation

Digitally transform without the long delays and high costs associated with traditional application development processes; machine learning, IoT, RPA and other innovations are now within reach and budgets.

Integrated Operating Sites

Advance workflow and efficiency by more tightly integrating operating sites with other locations and in mobile environments, whether online or where network connectivity isn’t immediately available.

Increased Productivity

Optimize overall productivity with low-code application development processes that simplify modernization while extending legacy system investment.


Any Industry - Any System - Any App

Pillir low-code rapid application development meets the requirements of any SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or other ERP system or database built or converted from legacy custom code in hours or days. 

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