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How to Turbocharge your ECC in less than 6 weeks

Highly customized business processes in SAP systems often prevent enterprises from responding quickly to business needs. Watch this 3 parts webinar on the impact of challenges of customized SAP systems and how to solve them in your existing ECC system, making any future migration or changes easier. 

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Sharing real-life experience - 15 minutes

How Vallourec modernize their business while staying on SAP ECC

Hubert Delloye - Global ERP Architect with Vallourec - a multi-billion multinational manufacturer is talking to Paul Kuchina from ASUG on the challenges and impact custom SAP-based business processes had on their business and how they changed it.

Vaidya Aiyar Pillir CEO on SAP business process modernization - 30 minutes

The challenges and impact of SAP customizations and processes

Business logic in the format of legacy code that has been built over the years can hold the business back while creating expensive technical debt. Vaidya Aiyer a Pillir's CEO and founder share the impact of challenges of customized SAP systems and how to solve them in the existing ECC system today, making any future migration or changes easier. 

Demo of Pillir EdgeReady Cloud - 24 Minutes

Watch EdgeReady Cloud Demo

Watch this short demo of Pilli's EdgeReady cloud. You'll learn how you can easily get visibility of the technical debt your SAP custom code creates. And then how these legacy application can be converted into a modern, cloud-native, mobile-friendly applications, fully integrated with your SAP system


Don't choose between ECC and S/4HANA

Start modernizing, one process at a time

Instead of choosing between a long and expensive digital transformation to keeping your legacy systems but missing on modernization, productivity, and agility. Now you can take the best of both worlds.

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