Simple: Pay Only for Active Production Users

Our pricing is as simple as it can be. You pay for the number of active users of applications in production. No hidden fees, no maintenance fees, no infrastructure fees. Full transparency

How much does an application cost? How much do you pay per user on your current suite of applications across your enterprise? These are questions that 90%+ of executives haven’t been able to answer ever. Until now.

Whether it’s your internal IT organization or 3rd part system integrator or even other low-code solutions - cost transparency and understanding total cost of ownership has been near impossible. Pillir offers a unique pricing model that ensures that every company receives the best, most common-sense, and most transparent pricing available for modernization solutions that service any industry.

With our product, the EdgeReady Cloud, you’re not only investing in a cloud-native, scalable platform that provides patented technology to help enhance your business, but you’re also working with a no-nonsense, affordable RAD solution that saves time, money and effort - allowing your company to increase speed-to-market and rapidly modernize any business system.


How Does Pricing Work for EdgeReady Cloud?

Application design

Our overall philosophy is that our customers should only have to pay for what they’re using and what is adding value. Large capital investments in enterprise IT have been blockers to innovation and speed for decades. So that’s why we only charge customers of the EdgeReady Cloud based on the applications they have in production and the monthly active users on the applications.

This means that, based on a measurement of active logins to applications each month, your company is only charged for profiles that are active on a monthly basis. Starting with a baseline, you can flex to any number of users for a given month, and only pay for the additional consumption for that month - avoiding any and all upfront capital investments related to forecasting the usage of applications.

That’s why so many of our customers decide to choose us over the competition. We understand that change happens in the workforce and the demand for a flexible solution that works with your business - scaling to levels that benefit your bottom line - not break your budget.

What Else Do I Get as a Part of My Subscription to EdgeReady Cloud?

Not only is our advanced pricing model available for EdgeReady Cloud users, but included in the cost for EdgeReady Cloud is an incredible amount of value that competitors simply don’t offer. 

Unlike other rapid application development platform providers, EdgeReady Cloud offers the following benefits to users: 

  • Unlimited Compute, Storage and Network Usage
  • Unlimited Transactions and Devices for all applications 
  • Unlimited Developer Access
  • N+1 scalable, redundant and elastic cloud infrastructure
  • Development, Quality and production cloud environments included 

There are even more exclusive features and benefits of using EdgeReady Cloud (or) .


How to Get a Quote for Pricing and Why We Need to Chat


We know that getting on another phone call isn’t what you really want to do. We understand that your time is valuable and that’s why scheduling a call to discuss your use case is so important and will actually end up saving you time and money. 

Our pricing model has helped dozens of companies around the world begin to modernize heavy, complex workloads in a matter of weeks and we need to understand a bit more about yours in order to make sure that you’re only paying for what you really need.

To receive a quote for your business, schedule a call with our team today to help us provide you with the best pricing options that will enhance your bottom line and bring innovation to the forefront of your business.

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