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Inbox Integration

Experience unparalleled workflow control and centralized workflow management with our universal Inbox. Approve tasks from the universal workflow inbox or simply from your email, streamlining your decision making process without additional logins.

Streamlined Workflow Design

Dynamic Process Mapping

Creaft and manage complex workflows effortlessly with our intuitive Process Modelers, empoering you to visualize and execute the process with ease and precision.

Unified Operational Ecosystem

Foster a seamlessly integrated environment. Our platform ensures your workflows and data systems communicate fluently, enhancing operational synergy across SAP, Oracle and other ERP landscapes.

Optimize Workflows with EdgeReady Cloud


Discover and Anlyze

EdgeReady Cloud visualizes legacy objects, such as TCodes, methods, RFCs, tables, reports, programs, screens, functions, and data elements for stakeholders with any level of tech expertise. The Modernize module provides the total cost of remediating ABAP as well as the total maintenance costs.


Identify and Convert

You make the call on what to move to the cloud, keeping your ECC core clean and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Pillir doesn’t lock you into as-is conversion, but it does make modernizing an application as simple as map, review, and publish.

Group 40

Enhance and Publish

Tools such as Pillir Workflows enable you to make critical connections between your app and business processes, define users, roles, and permissions, provide a consistent user interface across multiple devices.

Users roles and permission application workflow management

You Have Control

Like all Pillir EdgeReady platform features, Pillir Workflows gives you complete flexibility and control. Stakeholders on your team never have to compromise on elements of a workflow, whether they’re managed within your SAP environment, in Pillir, or a third-party’s system. You determine the best way to equip your workforce, collect and share data, and advance production, and Pillir provides you with the platform that makes it happen.

Everything You Need for Cross-Platform SAP Workflows Orchestration

Integration Development

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud provides you with a no-code/low-code integration builder based on graphical Scratch-style blocks.

ABAP Modernization

Modernize legacy apps to enhance workflows, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce technical debt.

Deep Integration with SAP

With Pillir, you can extend SAP workflows. For example, you can begin a process in SAP, use a Pillir app for additional steps or approvals, then complete the process in SAP.

Unlimited Integrations

There’s no need to limit connections only to the applications that employees use on-site. Pillir allows you to connect heavy-weight offline mobile apps, third-party solutions, vendor portals and more.

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