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Time to Read: 45 min | Audience: Technical | Last Updated: May 2021


Pillir is a low-code/no-code, cloud-native, platform that enables organizations to develop mission-critical applications 20 times faster than traditional methods, leveraging the power of SAP’s digital core from any device, with or without connectivity. Pillir's EdgeReady Cloud provides rapid application development with little-to-no programming, enabling companies to enhance speed to market and innovation. With pre-built integrations for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics,, and other legacy systems, customers leverage Pillir to modernize any process or application in weeks, regardless of connectivity, device, or backend system device and tightly integrate with core business systems that are critical to your operations.

The platform allows customers to build new applications either from scratch (‘greenfield’) or by automatically converting legacy Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) custom applications to cloud-native mobile applications.

EdgeReady Cloud, Pillir’s flagship product, enables organizations to

  • Automatically modernize an enterprise’s legacy business processes, converting them to modern, cloud-native web and mobile applications, maintaining an organization’s business logic and reducing the need for change management. EdgeReady Cloud is the first solution in the market to accomplish this.
  • Modernize and create new business processes in hours or days, as opposed to months or years.
  • Separate the application layer from the SAP core, making an existing SAP system more secure and easier to maintain and migrate.
  • Create applications using a low-code/no-code, drag-and-drop “Scratch”-like solution, requiring minimal training and allowing traditional IT to collaborate with line-of-business citizen developers in the design and development process.
  • Automatically convert SAP ABAP non-core customizations into cloud-native, low-code/no-code objects.
  • Accelerate business transformation and enable you to create applications 20 times faster, increase productivity 3 times over, and reduce your SAP total cost of ownership by 30

EdgeReady Cloud

The EdgeReady Cloud is a modern, cloud-native platform that enables digital transformation 20X faster by modernizing legacy applications as well as accelerating digital transformation with its award-winning low-code platform.

The EdgeReady Cloud has three basic modules:

  • Modernize: Discover technical debt or modernize legacy applications    
  • Build: Use pre-built app templates or develop enterprise applications and deploy on any device enabling a work-anywhere model, 20X faster
  • Run: Execute and manage your applications in a cloud-native platform with no Ops overhead


The modernize features of Pillir take into account your technical debt and custom business logic within your backend system application like SAP and convert them into modern applications within our platform. It automatically converts legacy applications to applications with a modern user experience. This helps to keep your SAP ERP core clean and pristine, helping your company to reduce its ERP total cost of ownership (TCO) while keeping the business logic built over years of operations.

ABAP Analysis Dashboard

The ABAP analysis dashboard is a tool that was created for SAP customers allowing them to identify and quantify ABAP technical debt results of custom code. TheABAP analysis dashboard allows SAP-centric organizations to clearly see the TCO of custom objects in their SAP, and which ABAP customizations they need to remediate as well as associated costs when considering their migration to SAP S/4HANA.

  • Discovers and visualizes ABAP customizations, such as objects, Tcodes methods, RFCs, tables, reports, programs, screens, functions, data elements, in a manner that is consumable for all stakeholders.
  • Provides the total cost of remediating ABAP customizations for S/4HANA.
  • Provides the total maintenance cost of ABAP customizations in both SAP ECC and S/4HANA.

You can download your dashboard here

ABAP Modernizer

Pillir’s newest release, the ABAP Modernizer, is the only tool in the market that enables you to move your custom objects to the cloud easily. It automatically transforms the full application, including user interface, logic, database, to a mobile-friendly cloud native user-friendly graphical application.

Businesses unsure about how to accomplish a migration to the cloud due to the number of mission-critical custom applications their operations rely on now have a viable option. Similar to the process of loading a text file into a spreadsheet, the ABAP Modernizer takes each command in SAP’s programming language ABAP and maps it to a local object in Pillir.

Once all custom elements are identified, the platform gives developers the opportunity to review the mapping to ensure it’s accurate – and to confirm that it doesn’t include outdated or nonfunctional elements discovered by the diagnostics tool. After the developer’s approval, it takes just a few clicks to create the object in EdgeReady Cloud, Pillir’s platform.

  • Transforms full ABAP custom objects to a cloud-native mobile and web-friendly solution
  • Simple to use graphical interface enables mapping ABAP commands to local objects in Pillir without having to learn new coding language
  • Provides the flexibility to make enhancements to the app before publishing it; doesn’t lock you into as-is conversion                                               


Pre-built Application Template by User Role

Pre-built app templates are purposely built best-practice templates for unique business roles and business functions. The pre-built application can be used out of the box or used as a starting point for further customization based on specific use cases. The pre-built app templates can be integrated with on-premise, backend systems like SAP, Oracle or cloud-based systems like Salesforce, Workday, and many others.

Examples of roles or user groups that could benefit from these pre-built applications within any industry are as follows:

  • Field Technicians. Digitizing the field services process to accelerate the meantime to repair (MTTR) and ramp-up curve for technicians by automating maintenance and repair business processes such as the creation of work order, notification, activities, etc.
  • Drivers. Users who require custom applications for store delivery, drop-offs, reverse logistics, and store pickups to automate the current processes.
  • Quality Inspectors. Users who require custom applications for plant inspections, site inspections, inspection audits, construction audits, Lean Six Sigma applications, such as 5S Surveys, Lean Assessment, etc.
  • Warehouse Personnel. Digitizing the current process for goods receipt, goods transfer, posting, and many more reducing manual entry time.
  • Master Data Managers. Reducing the steps and time required for creation/management of material, vendor master data.
  • Inventory Managers. Enabling Inventory managers to keep track of inventory through PR or PO approvals, goods receipts, stock visibility.

Pillir is constantly adding new application templates for EdgeReady Cloud Platform users. Please contact your Pillir account manager to receive the most current list of pre-built application templates.


Business Process Modeler

Applications are always tied to business processes – complex processes can be linked to 10 or even 100 applications. Processes are typically modeled on one system while developers build them on another, which can increase the chances of mistakes and reduce opportunities for collaboration between the functional and development teams -- leading to less than optimal solutions.

Through its Business Process Modeler, Pillir enables close collaboration between business analysts and developers to engineer efficient workflows. The analyst can use this tool to draw the steps of a business process – or multiple business processes across LOBs, business units, and departments -- using a graphical user interface, providing a visual representation of necessary connections between processes and apps.

  • Provides business analysts with a tool for drawing business processes
  • Enables close collaboration between business analysts and developers
  • Establishes connections between business processes and applications

App Process Modeler

     App developers can use the steps established in the Business Process Modeler to define the app process. This tool links all objects needed, such as interface, business logic, integration logic, validation, and more, and enables low-code development via a graphical interface. With the App Process Modeler, it’s not required to have development expertise to create apps, from simple to complex, that support business processes.

The App Process Modeler also makes the critical connection between apps running in various devices to the exact task in the larger business process managed by the ERP. With just a click, the App Process Modeler connects the apps you create with your system and supports all the typical process flow components (e.g., Microsoft Visio).

Workflow Orchestration

Traditionally, developers have created applications and orchestrated workflows in disparate platforms. Pillir overcomes this divide and streamlines processes with a single platform to build web and mobile apps and orchestrate workflows, even those that include SAP, third-party platforms and different systems. Workflows leverage Pillir’s drag-and-drop functionality to combine all business logic, technologies, people, and data into a single workflow. In addition to streamlining processes for developers, Pillir’s low-code/no-code platform also allows more stakeholders, even those without development experience, to participate in optimizing workflows. 


  • One low-code/no-code platform for application development and workflow orchestration 
  • Workflow capabilities that include state management and transition and rule management. 
  • Unique capability to orchestrate workflows across SAP, third-party platforms, and diverse systems
  • Automated legacy code modernization prior to workflow orchestration 
  • Unlimited integrations within a workflow

App Designer

The development process in Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud is centralized around user experience, now enhanced with graphical interfaces. The app-building process starts with business process modeling to model the end-user experience and then works backward towards backend business applications and data. The app designer lets the user customize, enhance the UI through different components. Pillir also enables role and user management, allowing you to assign tasks within a process to specific users, using the graphical interfaces in the Business and App Process Modelers and App Designer.    


Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud Platform provides the flexibility to have a consistent user interface across all devices -- desktop, tablets, mobile phones or rugged embedded devices running Windows, iOS or Android. Build once, run it everywhere. If the requirements require different UI for different devices, this can be accomplished by selecting the particular device from the devices dropdown menu.

App behavior

The EdgeReady Cloud offers a simple visual modeling-based approach to building and scripting front-end behavior in apps. Pillir provides users with a block-based programming method of “writing” code based on Scratch Blocks developed by MIT developers in collaboration with Google. Rather than writing traditional JavaScript code, developers instead will leverage the Scratch Blocks, which are dragged and dropped onto a visual canvas to automatically generate the logical steps required for the app's user experience. It isn’t necessary to know how to write code or understand syntax in this no-code environment – you visually build rather than write code. Furthermore, the shape of the blocks prevents you from making a mistake.

App Behavior - low code | Pillir


Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides customization features for developers to create the look and feel of apps beyond what is available out-of-the-box from the platform.

Options using this approach to customization include:

  • Pillir allows developers to load custom themes that can be applied across an app. These themes, once loaded, can be made available to all developers in the organization to be applied when apps are developed.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Customized CSS can be loaded into the platform to give a unique look and feel and branding to any app generated.
  • Graphical Assets. Customized graphical assets such as images, logos, etc., can be loaded into the platform and used appropriately in the app development process.


Integration Builder

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud provides the ability to interact with backend systems and interface with the UI via its Integration Builder. The drag-n-drop functionality, now enhanced with Scratch graphical building blocks, enables quick development of integrations and business logic.

Integration Builder | Pillir

The Integration Builder is a central module for all business and integration logic, and some of its capabilities are:

Business & Integration Logic

The Integration Builder provides several out-of-the-box graphical business logic components combined to build and execute any business logic in a low-code/no-code environment These actions are encapsulated and self-contained and are used in any sequence to build the desired business logic. For example, it contains Logical blocks such as ASSIGN, IF-ELSE, LOOP, REPEAT, TERMINATE, etc., as well as Utility blocks such as LOOKUP, SORT, FILE PARSE, etc.

Business and Integration Logic | EdgeReady Cloud | Pillir

SaaS Adapters

The Integration Builder provides out-of-box, built-in adapters for third-party SaaS application integrations. These adapters are provided as blocks that can be simply dragged and dropped while building the integration logic. The adapter blocks are self-contained to be used anywhere when building the integration logic. After connecting to the SaaS system, the adapter provides the relevant meta-data, which can be visually mapped to the application. Some of the out-of-the-box SaaS adapters available are:

Salesforce Adapters: Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides an out-of-the-box adapter for Salesforce integration. The Salesforce adapter supports all the functions of Salesforce integrations such as Object List, Object create, Object Update, and Object delete.

Salesforce adapter | Pillir

Web-Service Adapters: Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a Web-Service adapter supporting SOAP protocols and is used to connect to SaaS applications via web services. It supports all read and write functions as provided by the third-party SaaS application. The adapter can read any legacy application exposed as a web service.

Web services | Pillir

REST-Service Adapters: Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a REST-Service adapter that supports integration to any SaaS applications that are exposed via REST Services. It works very similar to Web-Service adapters except that it supports REST protocols.

Database Adapters: Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides database adapters that can connect to cloud-based database applications, i.e., any SaaS applications that give access to its relational databases via the cloud or any on-premise database system like Oracle, MySQL, etc. The database adapter provides the capability to read, write, update, delete, and access PL/SQL scripts.

Database adapter | EdgeReady Cloud | Pillir

FTP Adapters: Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform comes with FTP/File adapters to read and write files from 3rd party cloud applications. The adapter lets the user connect to various cloud-based systems via SFTP-SSH file transfer protocol to connect to the cloud system to download a file, upload a file, copy a file, list files, delete a file.

FTP Adapter | Pillir

ERP and Legacy System Adapters

The Integration Builder enables integrations to backend applications like ERP systems, databases, and many others via EdgeReady Plugin. These adapters are enabled as actions in the Integration Builder. They can be graphically used to interact with various backend applications. These adapters are native adapters that provide integration to the backend applications to discover the meta-data and map the required fields to the application. The mappings can be done graphically while building the integration logic. The various out-of-the-box native adapters are:

SAP Adapters: Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud, comes with various native SAP adapters to integrate with SAP applications such as ECC, CRM, SRM, BI, and other components. Some of the native SAP Adapters are:

BAPI/RFC Adapter: The BAPI/RFC adapter can connect to all SAP applications such as ECC, CRM, SRM, and many others using BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) and RFC (Remote Function Calls) of SAP. The BAPI/RFC adapter can be used to call any standard or custom BAPI/RFC interfaces from SAP applications.

BAPI/RFC Adapter

Web-Service Adapters: The component of the Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform comes with pre-built adapters for connecting to applications via web services using SOAP protocol. It supports all read and write functions as provided by the middleware or the business application.

Database Adapters: The on-premise component of the Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform comes with pre-built database adapters for connecting to relational database applications such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

Data Storage

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform comes with data storage capabilities that can be used for application development. There are two types of data storage available, easily accessible via an enhanced user interface, and can be used based on the requirements. The two types of data storage supported are:

Structured Data The platform comes with a pre-built, secure, segregated, relational database isolated by tenants called the EdgeReady Database. EdgeReady Database is typically used to:

  • Enhancing the business processes by storing mobile-specific data that cannot be kept in the backend application
  • Storing business data based on the newly designed business process that the existing backend application is not equipped to handle.

Unstructured Data The platform comes with a built-in module, called the EdgeReady Drive, to store all documents and files. It is designed to store and manage documents for enterprise mobile access. It comes with all file management capabilities such as version management, access management, user and role management, upload/download of files via EdgeReady Apps.

Data storage | Pillir

Data Loads The EdgeReady Cloud Platform provides multiple mechanisms to upload and download data from both EdgeReadyDatabase and EdgeReadyDrive as needed. The various mechanisms are:

CSV File Loads The EdgeReadyDatabase provides a capability to import CSV files directly into the database using the Database Designer module of Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform.

Business Object Service (BOS) upload The BOS from the Integration Builder can be used to upload or download data from the EdgeReady Database or files/documents from the EdgeReadyDrive. The BOS can be scheduled to execute independently or can be executed via the application. All data from both the EdgeReadyDatabase and EdgeReady Drive can be accessed via the apps.




The development process in Pillir is the same, regardless of how you will publish your application. Once development is complete, Pillir gives you the choice to publish as a:

  • Progressive web application (PWA)
  • Mobile-native app
  • Hybrid app that works on web and mobile
  • Offline or online app

It isn’t necessary to decide in advance; Pillir tracks the multiple code bases necessary to give you this flexibility. You can even try the app to find the optimal way to publish, whether that’s an iOS mobile-native app, a PWA, or a hybrid.


The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides various testing capabilities to be used in various stages of app development

In-Device Testing Pillir’s newest release includes the ability to test apps in the devices in which they’ll be used.

App Preview The App Process Modeler provides a browser-based device simulator to test the application during the development process. All aspects of the app, including navigation, data, and UI elements, can be tested using the device simulators. The available device simulators from the platform are:


  • iPhone
  • Android devices

Tablets & Phablets

  • iPad
  • Android tablets and phablets
  • Windows 10 tablets


  • Microsoft Edge    
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Integration Test Tools Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides integration test tools to test the built backend integrations. These are typically used for unit-testing business object service (BOS) as well as specific API/integration testing.


Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform supports full app lifecycle management activities like application design, development, testing, QA cycles, deployment, rollout, post-rollout metrics, app enhancements, and app retirement. The various support capabilities are:


The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud provides various Administrative capabilities as below

Multi-tier Cloud Landscape

The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a multi-tier cloud landscape, which includes: Development Cloud, Quality Cloud, and Production Cloud

Backend Connection Management

The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a module called the Connection Manager which can be used to connect and manage all backend application integrations. This includes SaaS business applications, on-premise business applications, Email servers, etc. This is a centralized location to view and manage all backend connections.

Project Management

All app development and deployment are encapsulated into projects in Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform. The platform provides project management capabilities to encapsulate all components of an application, with version management to move across environments like development, quality to production.

Transport Management

The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform includes full publish and transport management. It’s common for a project to have multiple versions, for example, when multiple developers are working on an application or a version is in Quality Cloud for testing. Pillir provides one-click transport management capabilities to move all relevant application components from one cloud environment to another.    

Role and User Management

The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides role and access management covering capabilities such as defining users, user properties, user preferences, app access permissions, platform access permissions, etc.

Identity Management

The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform can be integrated with a company’s identity management solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP, etc. for single sign-on (SSO), using their identity and authentication engines.

App Generation

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides container app generation capabilities. The following formats can be generated per company with capabilities such as form-factor splash screens, EdgeReady Apps assignment, over-the-air deployments, etc. All apps are generated from the same model.      

  • Multiple Container (native)
  • Progressive web applications (PWA)
  • Hybrid apps        


Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a comprehensive library. It includes a library for app deployment and rollout, Pillir has expanded its library so that developers can also share the objects they create, such as databases, templates, integrations and more.


App Capabilities

  • Barcode Scanning. Apps generated on the Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform for mobile devices can support barcode scanning via a device camera. 
    • Device Camera Barcode Scanning Support. Users can scan barcodes utilizing their device’s camera; supporting all major barcode systems such as UPC, EAN, Code 128, Code 39, ITF, QR, etc
    • Specialized Barcode Scanners Support. Supporting external or specialized barcode scanners like rugged device barcode scanners such as Zebra and Symbol. This utilizes all the special barcode scanning support provided by the hardware vendor. 
  • Device Movement. Apps generated by the platform can identify any device movement such as tilt, motion, rotation, and other device gestures, allowing the developer to identify actions and build appropriate logic to handle these gestures. 
  • Document Viewer. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a document viewer on all mobile operating systems to view attachments and other documents inside the app. 
  • Screen Capture. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform offers users the ability to capture mobile app screens by generating a PDF document or images for the captured screens. 
  • Camera. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform allows you to access the device camera and take pictures and videos, also providing access to the photo gallery to upload pictures and video from the mobile device. 
  • Maps. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides applications to include maps, directions as well as routing via Google Maps.
  • Location/GPS. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides applications to capture location using the device’s GPS.
  • Signature Capture. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform can capture signatures from within the app using the user’s finger or stylus on their device     , generating a PDF or image of the captured signature.
  • Phone Call. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform allows users to access phone calling features within their device via the app.
  • Address Book. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform allows users to access contacts or their address book on their device.
  • Files. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform allows users to access and upload files and images from their device into backend applications.
  • Personalization. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform comes ready with app personalization at the field      level, reducing IT workload to meet varied app needs, which results in higher user adoption with personalized user interfaces.
  • Pull-down/Swipe. Apps developed on Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform support native gestures such as pull-down, swipe to refresh, any other action performed on native gestures 
  • Multi-Language. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform supports over 80 languages right out of the box. Applications can be built and enabled for multiple languages during application rollout. Apps support automatic field label translations that work in both online and offline apps. 
  • User Preferences. The EdgeReady Cloud platform supports user preferences such as date format, language, currency, etc.
  • Print. The EdgeReady Cloud platform allows users to print documents from their device via Wi-Fi-enabled printers.
  • Bluetooth & IoT Adapters. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides capabilities that engage with pre-built device adapters to connect to smart equipment using Bluetooth. Supporting two-way communication with smart devices, data/tags can be passed to backend applications as required.


The EdgeReady Cloud platform provides mobile notifications to end-users which can be leveraged appropriately as per the required business logic. 

The notification capabilities provided in the platform are: 

  • Mobile Operating Systems. EdgeReady Cloud supports native mobile notifications for the following operating systems: 
    • iOS 
    • Android 
    • Windows 10 
  • Email Notifications. EdgeReady Cloud platform supports email notifications that can be triggered by specific, customized events in an app. The app can send email notifications with attached documents or without them. This feature will send an email notification to a relevant user based on the business logic incorporated by the app developer. 

Resiliency and Availability

EdgeReady Applications are resilient and are always available. The Edge Ready application works with a full range of connectivity levels, i.e., online apps, offline apps, or intermittent connectivity. 

    • Online Apps. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform generates online or real-time applications for all smartphones, tablets, phablets, and web browsers. These apps do not store or cache any business data in the device or platform. They efficiently and intelligently interact with the configured backend system, ensuring performance is not compromised, thus providing real-time connectivity, visibility between the app  and backend application. 
    • Offline Apps. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform generates apps that support extended offline mode - enabling end-users to be offline for days with all data self-contained within the device for the user to continue working in an offline mode. All business data is securely kept and packaged in the device and interacts and synchronized with the backend system when connectivity becomes available. Offline apps come with out-of-the-box modules for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
      • Offline authentication happens via a 4-digit user-generated passcode at the time of logging into the application.
      • Business rules engine is offered to operate under the constraints of a mobile device, used to execute all business rules in offline mode. 
      • Encrypted database offers a secure and encrypted device database for business and transaction data storage.
      • Data sync and orchestration engine synchronizes all business/ transaction data appropriately with backend applications.
      • Offline attachments allow users to download and upload documents like images, pdf, spreadsheets, etc., for iOS, Android, and Windows devices as part of the EdgeReady Cloud platform.
      • Process continuity engine enables users to continue their business processes across business functions and apps without interruption in offline mode. 
      • Message queues are generated in-device to guarantee delivery and replay or roll forward of data transactions.
      • Conflict resolution engines are generated to handle data conflicts during data sync processes. This can also be configured to identify data changes in the backend application before data from apps are posted and flagged as errors. 
      • Error handling engine allows users to view, manage, and rectify data errors after a data conflict. This also displays current server values and user-entered values, side-by-side, allowing users to choose which values to be sent to backend applications. 
      • Data consistency engine, within the EdgeReady Cloud platform, provides a built-in data consistency engine to maintain consistency of data during a network switch.
      • Data cleanup engine allows for tracking stale data and isolating it for cleanup, as per defined business rules. 
      • Guaranteed delivery is provided with offline apps to guarantee data delivery from apps to the cloud or to the on-prem backend system and vice versa utilizing robust integration architecture

An additional type of Edge Ready application that can be generated on the Edge Ready Cloud Platform are:

    • Transactional Apps. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform can generate transactional apps, both offline and/or online, that can support bi-directional integration with backend business applications, i.e., the ability to read as well as write data back to the backend business application. 
    • Analytical Apps. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform can generate dashboarding or analytics-on-the-go apps across any mobile device utilizing charting components.
    • Web Apps. Through the EdgeReady Cloud platform, web apps can be generated, and that can be executed on the user’s browser. 
    • Hybrid Apps. Using a native app container (i.e., Apache Cordova), hybrid apps can be generated via extension with app plugins for additional security and other features.
    • Composite Apps. Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform supports composite apps, allowing users to navigate across multiple backend business applications without having to switch apps or work on multiple backend business applications. 
    • Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). Pillir enables you to develop responsive apps that work on any device, essential for a BYOD environment. 
    • Native Apps. EdgeReady Cloud gives you the benefits of creating native apps that allow you to leverage device features, such as a camera or scanner. 

Infrastructure and Security

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform is a cloud-native, model-driven app that is designed ground-up for the cloud. The platform provides integrated design, build, administration, and runtime capabilities with a codeless, model-driven approach to app development. It generates apps based on the models and designs created in the platform. Some of the core capabilities of the platform are:

Browser-Based Development

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a 100% browser-based app development environment. There is no development component (e.g., IDE) to be installed on the laptop nor any need to install any IDE plugins or browser plugins. It is a clean, fresh, and simple browser-based drag-n-drop development environment that an app developer can use from any laptop to build and deploy apps.

The Build module in the Edge Ready Cloud provides the tools to build out the application, whether it's enhancing pre-built templates or building an application from scratch. Build module lets the user put down the application process, customize the UI, and integrate with the backend application. The build module has three sections as listed below.

Multi-Tenancy The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform is a multi-tenant platform that leverages all the capabilities of a modern cloud. It is architected with multi-tenancy to manage multiple but secure and independent tenants supporting different versions. 

Distributed Architecture The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform is a single platform with the following three distinct components: 

  • An On-Demand component called the EdgeReady Cloud
  • An On-Premise component called the EdgeReady Plugin 
  • An On-Device component called the EdgeReady Apps 

The three components work in tandem and support distributed processing. For example, when an on-premise application provides data, business rules may be applied in the EdgeReady Plugin to filter relevant data that is sent out of the EdgeReady Plugin. The EdgeReady Cloud receives data from the EdgeReady Plugin as well as other cloud applications, massages the data by applying business rules, and passes it on the data to EdgeReady Apps. The application in the device, with its own rules engine, can apply business rules and display the right and relevant data at the right time to the end-user.

The EdgeReady Plugin

Pillir’s EdgeReady Plugin is installed on a business’ actual  ERP system, even if it is hosted entirely on-prem. There are three possible deployment paths:

  • SAP NetWeaver Java Plugin:  A simple SCA file which can be directly installed on the Java NetWeaver stack if available
  • Tomcat Java Plugin: A slim VM based approach where the base plugin image is stood up alongside your ERP system behind the firewall
  • SAP ABAP Add-on Plugin: The ABAP plugin is an SAP certified add-on that is installed and runs in the ABAP stack. It allows for an even deeper degree of integration with your SAP ERP including the HANA database.      

Using Pillir’s SAP and database adapters, the plugin, processes data,  brokers and manages all the communication, and enforces rules as data flows from EdgeReady Cloud to your ERP system. Pillir uses an inside-out integration approach, eliminating the need for you to  write any OData endpoints whatsoever.  All three deployment paths for the plugin are fully certified by SAP.  Typically, the one-time install process takes about 30-45min.

Open Standards The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform is built using open standards. All applications and relevant app components can be exported from the platform after development to be leveraged by other tools if applicable. 

Deployment Options

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides flexibility and supports multiple deployment options described below. A customer can transition from one deployment model to another as needed. 

Multi-tenant Cloud Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) with money-back guarantee SLA, multiple availability zones, backups, disaster recovery, and elastic infrastructure. The Platform comes with three (3) separate and distinct clouds – Development Cloud, QA Cloud, and Production Cloud to mirror your on-premise landscape. 

Single-tenant cloud Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform can be deployed in a Single-tenant Cloud model on AWS. The cloud deployments come in three (3) separate and distinct clouds – Development Cloud, QA Cloud, and Production Cloud to mirror your on-premise production landscape. All cloud deployments come with money-back guaranteed SLA, multiple availability zones, backups, disaster recovery, and elastic infrastructure. 

N+1 High Availability The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform public cloud model is deployed on a scalable N+1 high availability server infrastructure from Amazon Web Services.     . 

Elastic Infrastructure The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform is architected with elasticity to infinitely add capacity on-demand to provide unlimited scalability.


Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform has multiple layers of security embedded into the platform. Some of the security features in the platform are: 

Secure and Isolated Tenant The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides a secure and isolated tenant that includes: 

  • Data at rest and data in motion 
  • Independent integrations to SaaS and on-premise business applications 
  • Independent business rules, integrations, and app generation 
  • Isolated UI components, business and integration logic, adapters, data, etc. 

Transient Cloud For online apps, the platform uses a transient cloud model where data is never stored or cached anywhere in the platform, neither at rest nor in motion. 

Secure communications All communications in the platform utilize secure communications such as 

  • HTTPS (SSL/TLS) protocol communications 
  • 256-bit encryption to prevent eavesdropping 
  • Secure server identification 
  • Prevention of active and passive network attacks 
  • Prevention of data tampering of data content during transmissions 

Secure Storage Secure data storage is embedded into the platform. Both EdgeReady Database and EdgeReady Drive employ isolated and secure data storage techniques. 

Password Authentications The platform provides multiple authentication mechanisms including a secure user management engine for password authentication. 

Multiple Password Authentications In the authentication mechanisms, the platform provides a minimum of 2 passwords from 2 different systems. This model eliminates the adverse effects of device sharing or password sharing among users. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides SSO authentication mechanisms using logon tickets, SAML 2.0, or OAuth mechanisms. 

Controlled IP Access Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform provides restricted IP access options to connections to the Pillir Platform. 

Audit Logs The platform captures all activities into audit logs that can be used for reporting purposes. 

MDM Software The Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud platform can be integrated with major Mobile Device Management (MDM) software for app rollout and deployments. 

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