New ASUG Market Research

Where Does Your Organization Stand?

New ASUG research clarifies how enterprises treat their custom SAP code

On average, 45% of organizations’ most valuable custom SAP code was developed 6 or more years ago. Is your organization different?

That's just one statistic from the recent market research from the American SAP User Group (ASUG). The research's goal: To help businesses clarify how they treat their custom code compared to others in the SAP landscape.

The thing about custom code is that it’s — well — custom. No two organizations have the same custom business applications, no two go about building those applications the same way, and no two have the same plans for maintaining and modernizing those applications.

That makes benchmarking tough. Are you more or less prepared for an S/4HANA migration than your competitors? Does maintaining your custom code cost more or less than other members of your industry? Where do you stand, and what do you need to do to get to where you want to go?

We partnered with the ASUG to conduct market research with the goal of helping SAP customers answer questions like these. In the study, we dive into topics like:

  • How custom code impacts innovation
  • What technologies SAP customers use for strategic innovation
  • And more
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