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ChatGPT and Pillir: The Power Duo for SAP Custom Code Reduction

Large enterprises that run SAP ERP systems often struggle with the issue of custom code, which can lead to increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), poor system performance, difficulties in upgrades, non-compliance with regulations, and security risks. ChatGPT and Pillir have come together as the ultimate solution to address these pain points. In this blog, we explore the power of ChatGPT and Pillir in reducing and eliminating SAP custom code.

Large enterprises that run SAP ERP often face challenges with managing custom code. Over time, custom code accumulates and becomes more difficult to manage, leading to:

  • Increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Decreased system performance
  • Lack of compliance with industry standards

ChatGPT and Pillir offer a solution to these problems by reducing custom code in SAP ERP and providing a cleaner core.

With ChatGPT and Pillir, organizations can improve their SAP ERP in several ways. Firstly, they can lower TCO by reducing the costs associated with custom code management. Secondly, they can improve system performance by streamlining their SAP ERP and eliminating bottlenecks. Thirdly, they can increase security by reducing the risk of custom code exploits and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Finally, ChatGPT and Pillir make integrations easier, which can help organizations to accelerate their digital transformation.

ChatGPT and Pillir are the power duo that enterprises need to address the challenges posed by custom code in SAP ERP systems. With ChatGPT, enterprises can access the knowledge and guidance they need to make informed decisions about custom code. And with Pillir, they can streamline their custom code management processes, reducing the risks associated with custom code and improving overall system performance. Whether you are looking to lower TCO, improve system performance, ensure compliance, or reduce security risks, ChatGPT + Pillir is the solution you need.


We at Pillir believe we can help and support your business automation and modernization journey and would love to discuss it further with you. We also created for you a template evaluation checklist to allow you to compare different low-code/no-code solutions better, you can find it here.

Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer is a leader, innovator, entrepreneur, and technology geek. He has the reputation a major leader and innovator in the low-code space, specifically regarding ERP modernization. His 25 years of ERP/SAP experience has propelled his company’s vision of accelerating modernization and digital transformation. Vaidya has also held executive positions at Lenovo, SEAL Innotech (enterprise mobility and Google Apps solutions), and Medtonic (lean manufacturing solutions). Pillir provides an innovative,ERP-focused, low-code/no-code, cloud-native platform called EdgeReady Cloud.