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The Future of BTP Development: Low-Code and the Road Ahead, Featuring Pillir

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) has emerged as a powerful catalyst for digital transformation. However, traditional development approaches can struggle to keep pace with the demands of agility, speed, and scalability. That's where low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms like Pillir are stepping in, shaping the future of BTP development and empowering organizations to unlock their full potential.


The Rising Trend of Low-Code:


Gartner predicts that by 2024, half of all new applications will be built using LCNC tools. This surge is driven by several factors, including:


  • Democratization of development: LCNC empowers all levels of developers and business users to contribute to app creation, overcoming skill gaps and resource constraints.
  • Faster time-to-value: Drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built components drastically accelerate development cycles, bringing ideas to market quicker.
  • Reduced costs: LCNC offers cost-effective development compared to traditional coding, optimizing IT budgets and resources.
  • Increased agility: The ability to iterate and adapt applications rapidly fuels innovation and responsiveness to changing business needs.

Pillir: Leading the Charge in BTP Development:


Pillir stands out as a leading LCNC platform specifically designed for SAP. Offering seamless integration and a suite of features tailored to BTP users, Pillir empowers you to:


  • Simplify BTP complexity: Unify disparate tools and functionalities under a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Build BTP apps faster: Drag-and-drop capabilities, pre-built connectors, and integrated functionalities accelerate development.
  • Control costs with predictability: Transparent pricing models eliminate budget surprises and allow for informed investment decisions.
  • Empower diverse teams: Citizen developers and experienced engineers can collaborate effectively, leveraging various skill sets.
  • Future-proof your BTP environment: Pillir's agile platform adapts to evolving technologies and changing business demands.

Looking Ahead: The BTP & LCNC Landscape:


The future of BTP development is undoubtedly intertwined with LCNC. We can expect to see:


  • Further advancements in LCNC capabilities: Enhanced functionality, security, and integration with AI and machine learning.
  • Greater BTP adoption and maturity: Increased reliance on BTP and deeper integration with LCNC platforms.
  • Emergence of specialized LCNC solutions: Solutions tailored to specific industries and use cases within BTP.

Why Choose Pillir for Your BTP Journey?


With its deep understanding of BTP and intuitive LCNC approach, Pillir equips you to navigate the future of BTP development. By empowering your teams, streamlining processes, and maximizing ROI, Pillir helps you unlock the true potential of BTP and drive digital transformation at an unprecedented pace.


Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer is a leader, innovator, entrepreneur, and technology geek. He has the reputation a major leader and innovator in the low-code space, specifically regarding ERP modernization. His 25 years of ERP/SAP experience has propelled his company’s vision of accelerating modernization and digital transformation. Vaidya has also held executive positions at Lenovo, SEAL Innotech (enterprise mobility and Google Apps solutions), and Medtonic (lean manufacturing solutions). Pillir provides an innovative,ERP-focused, low-code/no-code, cloud-native platform called EdgeReady Cloud.