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The Road to Optimization: A Clean SAP Core with Automated Remediation



In the ever-evolving landscape of SAP migration strategies, organizations seek innovative solutions to streamline their systems for peak performance. "Automated Remediation" emerges as a transformative approach, paving the road towards a clean and optimized SAP Core. In this blog, we embark on a journey that showcases the power of automated remediation, exploring how to code cleanup and optimization lead to long-term benefits and a future-proofed SAP ecosystem.

Unleashing the Potential: The Power of Automated Remediation 

As organizations strive for excellence, the need for a clean and optimized SAP Core becomes paramount. Enter automated remediation - a game-changing approach that leverages cutting-edge technology to tackle custom code challenges efficiently. By automatically identifying and eliminating redundant or obsolete code, this transformative solution unlocks the true potential of the SAP ecosystem.

Step 1: Identifying the Challenges 

Every successful journey begins with identifying the challenges that need to be overcome. For SAP migration projects, custom code remediation often poses a significant hurdle, consuming valuable time and resources. Manual efforts to adapt code to the latest SAP versions can be cumbersome and error-prone. Here's where automated remediation steps in, revolutionizing the code cleanup process.

Step 2: The Code Cleanup and Optimization Process

Automated remediation employs sophisticated algorithms to scan the SAP system, analyzing custom code components comprehensively. The solution identifies areas of improvement and recommends strategic modifications or eliminations. This code cleanup process results in a leaner and more efficient SAP Core, preparing the system for enhanced performance and future upgrades.

Step 3: The Transformative Effect of Code Optimization 

As code elimination unfolds, the transformative effect on the SAP Core becomes evident. Redundant or outdated code is replaced with streamlined and optimized components, ensuring a more responsive and agile system. Performance bottlenecks are addressed, and overall system efficiency is elevated to new heights.

Step 4: Long-Term Benefits and Future-Proofing

Beyond immediate results, automated remediation sets the stage for long-term benefits and future-proofing. A clean SAP Core requires fewer resources to maintain, translating to lower operating costs over time. Additionally, the optimized system becomes a solid foundation for future upgrades, reducing complexities and minimizing risks.

The Math Behind Success: Effort, Cost, and Efficiency Gains

The numbers speak for themselves - automated remediation delivers up to 60% less effort in custom code adaptation, leading to instant savings of up to 50% on migration costs. The streamlined SAP Core yields amplified efficiency, empowering organizations to achieve more with less.

Conclusion: Embrace the Journey to SAP Core Optimization

The road to optimization begins with automated remediation - a transformative journey that redefines SAP Core performance. By eliminating redundant code and streamlining custom components, organizations unlock the true potential of their SAP ecosystem. The long-term benefits of an optimized Core, including reduced operating costs and future-proofing, make automated remediation a smart investment for organizations seeking to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Ready to embark on the journey towards a clean and optimized SAP Core? Contact us to explore how automated remediation can transform your SAP migration and elevate your system to new heights.

Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer is a leader, innovator, entrepreneur, and technology geek. He has the reputation a major leader and innovator in the low-code space, specifically regarding ERP modernization. His 25 years of ERP/SAP experience has propelled his company’s vision of accelerating modernization and digital transformation. Vaidya has also held executive positions at Lenovo, SEAL Innotech (enterprise mobility and Google Apps solutions), and Medtonic (lean manufacturing solutions). Pillir provides an innovative,ERP-focused, low-code/no-code, cloud-native platform called EdgeReady Cloud.