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Turbocharge Your Custom App Development: Unleash the Power of Low-Code for S4HANA and BTP


Stuck in the SAP development slow lane? Custom applications crucial for streamlining your S/4HANA and BTP environment taking months to build and drain IT resources? Brace yourself for a paradigm shift - low-code is rewriting the rules of SAP development, and it's time to take the wheel.



  • Building mission-critical applications 20x faster than traditional coding methods, freeing up developers and driving agility.
  • Ditching complex coding languages and leveraging intuitive drag-and-drop tools, empowering IT developers to build mission-critical applications, fully integrated to Fiori launchpad with all SAP roles and authorizations.
  • Saying goodbye to skyrocketing development costs with predictable monthly pricing based on active users using the applications in production, not resource consumption irrespective of value generated
  • Maintaining a clean SAP core by building custom enhancements at the edge, ensuring stability and future-proofing your system.

This isn't just wishful thinking; it's the reality businesses unlock with Pillir, the industry-leading low-code platform for S/4HANA and BTP.


Unleashing Agility with Pillir:

  • Accelerate Development: Pillir's visual development environment, pre-built templates, and reusable components slash development time, allowing you to respond to evolving business needs at lightning speed.
  • Empower Your Team: No longer dependent on a handful of SAP gurus, anyone with decent SAP knowledge can build simple or complex applications, leveraging existing business knowledge and reducing reliance on expensive resources.
  • Composable Architecture: Integrate seamlessly with SAP ERP and  BTP services, building agile applications that adapt and evolve alongside your business.

Cost Control and Predictability:

  • Break Free from Consumption-Based Billing: Unlike BTP, Pillir's fixed monthly pricing is based on active users using applications in production. It provides clarity and control over your IT budget. You only pay for the value generated by applications for your organization, eliminating surprises and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Pillir's intuitive platform simplifies application maintenance, allowing your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives instead of troubleshooting code.
  • Future-Proof Investments: Pillir's SAP-certified platform stays ahead of the curve, ensuring your custom applications remain compatible with future S/4HANA and BTP versions.


Mitigating Risks and Maximizing Efficiency:

  • Clean SAP Core: Pillir keeps your core SAP system clean and stable, avoiding code complexity and maintaining system integrity.
  • Disconnected Operations: Pillir's robust offline capabilities ensure continuous access to critical applications, even for mobile workforces or in remote locations.
  • Reduced Implementation Risks: Rapid development and flexible deployment minimize IT project risks and enable you to adapt quickly to changing requirements.

Stop waiting, start creating.

Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer

Vaidya Aiyer is a leader, innovator, entrepreneur, and technology geek. He has the reputation a major leader and innovator in the low-code space, specifically regarding ERP modernization. His 25 years of ERP/SAP experience has propelled his company’s vision of accelerating modernization and digital transformation. Vaidya has also held executive positions at Lenovo, SEAL Innotech (enterprise mobility and Google Apps solutions), and Medtonic (lean manufacturing solutions). Pillir provides an innovative,ERP-focused, low-code/no-code, cloud-native platform called EdgeReady Cloud.