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The #1 Rapid Application Development Solution
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Pillir's cloud-native platform increases speed-to-market, innovation and showcases 100+ total years of expertise in ERP solutions. 


Are you a System Integrator or Solution Provider?

Pillir provides system integrators and solution providers with:

  • A patented product that supports no-code data ingestion and a custom app development platform specially made for ERPs.
  • Dynamic ERP modernization and the opportunity for long term investments in digital transformation.
  • Customer SaaS applications integrated with any ERP.
  • A fast path to extend a client’s ERP to take advantage of cloud-native services.

Are you a Hosting Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Pillir provides MSPs with:

  • A proven manner of providing instant visibility into SAP ERP systems; easily discovering customer technical debt.
  • A PaaS focused on ERP Modernization delivered as a recurring software subscription
  • The ability to develop custom-build SaaS applications with instant, visibility into performance, productivity gains, and business process optimization opportunities.
  • New, innovation-centric professional services opportunities.

Are you a Application Managed Service (AMS) Provider?

Pillir provides AMS Providers with:

  • A proven method for creating custom, cloud-native, self-managed applications with no middleware.
  • Easy ability to offer a new service around legacy code modernization and then additional services to manage the new modern custom SaaS applications
  • We enable an avenue for recurring revenue for hosted custom SaaS Applications.
  • We offer new professional services opportunities.

Do you offer Business Transformation Solutions?

Pillir provides Business Transformation Solution Providers with:

  • Allow faster implementation of new digital transactions
  • Connect ERP best practices to other best of breed technologies.
  • Back business transformation with all relevant ERP system data with no programming.
  • Reallocation of budget into new, innovative services instead of keeping the lights on.

Partners in Innovation and Experts in ERP Solutions

Partnering with Pillir provides ERP customers with solutions that allow them to quickly modernize their ERP systems with patented, proven rapid application development technology for every industry, while also building confidence and trust with ERP solution and service providers.

Pillir’s modernization solution for digital transformation, the EdgeReady Cloud, is a low-code, cloud-native, rapid application development platform that enables ERP customers to generate resilient, always-available, self-managing applications - with or without connectivity.

With little-to-no programming and reusable objects, the EdgeReady Cloud helps companies increase their speed-to-market and drive innovation without skipping a beat in meeting daily demand.

Pillir’s rapid application development platform offers pre-built integrations for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics,, and any other database system. Data-heavy ERP customers can leverage Pillir to modernize newly established or existing processes, workflows, and applications in weeks, even if internet access isn’t available,  for any device or in conjunction with any back-end system.

Learn More About Our Success Stories and Technology

Learn more about the #1 rapid application development solution in the world and how enterprise corporations have already benefited from using the EdgeReady Cloud.


About Pillir's Technology

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Modernize SAP with ABAP Analysis Dashboard

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EdgeReady Cloud and SAP

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Oil & Gas Case Study

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Manufacturing Case Study

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Logistics Case Study

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What Partners Need To Succeed

With a no-brainer ROI and incredibly transparent partner program, our partners enjoy the benefits of product differentiation, customer satisfaction and an increase in opportunities. 

Product Differentiation

  • Patented, disruptive transformational technology.
  • Decades of ERP experience woven into the EdgeReady Cloud.
  • Modernize legacy applications and leverage existing investments.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Pillir offers a low cost, incremental way to initiate and conquer large projects.
  • Customers are able to come in under budget due to Pillir’s solution.
  • Rapidly modernize customer business processes and enable them with industry-leading visibility and intelligence. 

Increase Opportunities

  • Open new opportunities for additional professional services.
  • Create compelling events to drive revenue.
  • Leverage ERP and App Dev experts to help close deals.

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