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Pillir Integrations

Pillir's low-code/no-code platform has out-of-the-box built-in integrations to many solutions, below is a sample of these integrations

SAP ECC (6.0 and earlier)

Fully SAP integrated and certified. Drag-n-drop automated OData creation


Fully SAP integrated and certified, all apps guarantee to work on any version (including pre/post migration)

SAP Products

Solutions are integrated a with variety of SAP products including Ariba, SuccessFactor, Fiori and others

Microsoft Dynamics

Out-of-the-box deep integration with Microsoft Dyanmics. Just drag-n-drop


Easily create business process applications across ERP, Salesforce and other solutions


Quickly ingest & sync SAP data using Snowflake, using Pillir's drag-n-drop integration

Active Directory

Built-in support for Active Directory services to ensure security


All Pillir applications support Zebra's range of mobile computer design forms, including rugged, RF and barcode scanners

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint integration built-in to Pillir's platform ensure collaboration across IT and line of business


Pillir solutions support 3rd party relational database management system


Easily create business process applications across ERP, Kronos and other solutions


Secured manage and user authentication into applications, using Okta integration

Oracle ERP

Out-of-the-box deep integration with Oracle ERP. Just drag-n-drop


All solution support SAML exchange, authentication, and authorization data between parties


All Pillir applications support Honeywell’s suite of handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted mobile computers