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Deployment-Ready (Yet Customizable)
Supply-Chain Applications

Pillir Apps are flexible to fit your specific supply-chain needs and include best-practice templates so you can roll out apps and start improving your workflows, in days.

Accelerate business processes modernization or enhance your existing ones 20 times faster while increasing efficiency in over 30% and gaining real-time visibility. Mobile-native apps that can work with or without connectivity, regardless of your ERP technology or IT landscape complexity.


Goods Movement Apps

For faster fulfillment and lower operational costs to meet today’s labor shortage and supply chain challenges.


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Apps

SAP-integrated digitize asset management deployment-ready, yet customizable to your needs.


Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Apps

Companies can modernize their business by generating pre-built EdgeReady applications that work on every device, specifically for field technicians.


Apps for Warehouse Personnel

Apps for warehouse personnel cover goods receipts, goods issue, goods transfer, and other warehouse processes to make them productive and efficient in the warehouse. These apps do not need any wireless infrastructure and operate in extreme offline conditions.


Apps for Drivers

Apps for drivers cover all aspects of logistics, reverse logistics, and transportation for drivers. The app templates available include store delivery and return, order capture, and product catalog.


Apps for Quality Inspectors

Apps for quality inspectors include various inspection apps, operating in both online and offline mode. The apps can be customized to meet unique business needs and integrated with any core backend applications.


Apps for Inventory Managers

Apps for inventory managers include Inventory Movement, PR/PO approvals, Goods Receipts, Stock Visibility, etc. Quickly modernize mission-critical processes with apps fully integrated with SAP or other core business application delivering the inventory and supply-chain visibility needed.


Apps for Master Data Managers

Apps for master data managers include Material Master, Vendor Master, Material Traceability, etc. Ensure data consistency, minimize manual data replication and enforce data governance policies more effectively while keeping data secure.

Modernize Business Processes while Reducing Costs

Reduce Loading Time

Goods Movement apps allow you to manage even the most complex business processes in complex IT landscapes. Pillir’s low-code platform enables you to create and deploy the custom apps you need in days – or sometimes, hours – so you can keep up with the speed of business.

Track and Locate Goods.

If you can’t immediately locate goods within your operations, you’re wasting time and money. Goods Movement mobile apps are out-of-the-box yet customizable applications that allow you to improve order accuracy rate, on-time shipments, and average fulfillment time.

Digitize Workflows

Goods Movement mobile apps allow you to transition from paper, spreadsheets and legacy processes to efficiency. Employees access and capture data at the point of task with any mobile, rugged, or RF device, resulting in improved order picking accuracy, on-time shipments, and fulfillment cost per order.

Ready-to-Use and Customize
in No Time

With Pillir Accelerator, you can rapidly modernize  your business functions by:

  • Modernizing your existing legacy apps
  • Starting from pre-built templates based on industry best practice and adapt them to your needs
  • Use low-code build a business process

Full Package - ALL THE APPS!

  • Goods Movement

  • Work Order Scheduling

  • Production Order Confirmation

  • Material Request/ Creation

  • Requisition Portal

  • Comparative Sales Quotation

  • Pick/Pack/Ship

  • Reverse Logistics / Pickup

  • Timesheet Entry and Approval

  • Project Allocation

  • Where-is-my-Order

  • Order Ship Status

  • Incident RCA and Inspection

  • Work Order

  • Physical Inventory Check

  • Inspection Checklist

  • New Product Introduction

  • Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Door Maintenance

  • Delivery Maintenance

  • Contract Validation

  • Expense Submission and Approval

  • Sales Order Inquiry

  • Overtime Requests and Approval

  • Safety Checklist

  • 5S Audit

  • Work Requests

  • PR/PO Approvals

  • Vendor Request / Onboarding

  • Suppler Portal

  • Request for Quotation

  • Pallet Maintenance

  • Goods Transport

  • Inspections and Pickup

  • Travel Approvals

  • Comparative Product Search

  • PI Sheets

  • Near-Miss Accidents


  • All paid plans include:
  • Pillir University Access

  • 1:1 Technical Support

  • Industry Proven Templates

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  • SAP-Certified
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