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Pillir Adds Asset Management to its Accelerator Supply Chain Solutions


Pillir, a major provider of low-code software business applications for enterprise resource planning (ERP)-based supply chain environments, announced it has added a new suite of applications to its flagship Accelerator product line.  The Enterprise Asset Management suite of software business applications addresses a range of critical tasks required for enterprises to administer their asset-related activities, from managing transactions and work orders to geo-locating and scanning stock.  Pillir’s Asset Management suite joins its Goods Movement and its Extended Warehouse product lines, which create a comprehensive portfolio of integrated, deployment-ready, cloud-based supply chain business applications that are optimized for SAP-centric IT landscapes. These solutions allow asset-heavy companies to modernize their software in a cost-effective manner quickly, with less developer manpower, and with less risk of disruption.  

The Enterprise Asset Management solutions suite includes modern, mobile-ready applications that address areas such as work order management, inspections and checklists, stock overviews, and physical inventory. These automated apps are device neutral (including compatibility with ruggedized RF devices), and through effective mobile data synchronization, they function even in areas with limited or no connectivity. The applications incorporate features such as single sign-on; fingerprint scanning and Face-ID; camera access; enterprise security; barcode scanning including 2D barcodes, UPC codes, EAN codes, and QR codes; signature capture; and geolocation. These capabilities create productivity-boosting efficiencies and establish a rich, enjoyable user experience.

Large-scale, asset-heavy and industrial environments like manufacturing, retail, distribution, warehousing, oil and gas, and energy have particular challenges in upgrading the business processes that run their warehouses and manage their assets. 

“In an effort to meet their needs, large enterprises often design their customer business processes to complement their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. Over years of use, these processes have sustained disparate upgrades, patches, and revisions. This results in overwrought IT environments, ridden with what is known as long-term ‘technical debt’ that complicates the modernization process,” began Pillir CEO and Founder Vaidya Aiyer. “To complicate matters, current labor and developer shortages make it more difficult to implement these strategies, since there simply aren’t enough on-staff skilled programmers to accomplish these complex projects. This prohibits many large enterprises from being able to quickly modernize their supply chain in response to the market and their own organization needs,” continued Aiyer.  

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Yet most executives are well aware of the transformative benefits that companies stand to gain when their business applications are digitized, automated and optimized for mobility. It delivers major productivity gains, since employees have real-time access to data and programs from anywhere with an internet connection, providing visibility and data-sharing throughout an organization. This modernization also allows systems to take advantage of technological elements like AI, machine learning, and data lakes to create more efficient operations. In industrial environments, more updated systems also tend to lower safety risks, since improved access to data reduces the need for employees to physically traverse hazardous warehouse floors (which often house heavy machinery) in order to access or input data that is bound to specific workstations.

Organizations can purchase Pillir’s ready-to-deploy, easily customizable asset management applications for a fraction of the cost and time it would require to develop these programs in-house from scratch, providing a range of customization that can’t be achieved off-the-shelf. And since the solutions are based on low-code integration methods (they’re calling it “Transform-code,” a step beyond low-code) the applications can be rapidly implemented with minimal coding. This empowers IT departments to conserve their developer resources and accomplish far more innovation with less staff.

Pillir’s SAP Asset Management mobile apps are designed according to industry best practices learned by the Pillir leadership’s decades of experience delivering low-code software business applications for SAP- and ERP-based enterprise environments. Pillir also brings significant knowledge on how to operate in a complex SAP landscape. These solutions can be easily customized to meet the unique needs of each individual organization, and are offered at an economical, per-user subscription-based price. 

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Irit Gillath

Irit Gillath

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