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Building Modern Business Processes and Optimizing Costs

In session two of our four-part digital webinar series, AWS and Pillir join forces to discuss how to lower costs in digital transformation and innovation. Watch below as industry experts Marcos Kajita and SAP Expert Carl Bachor join Pillir’s CEO, Vaidya Aiyer and CRO, JR Butler, to discuss how to rapidly transform ERP related business processes and optimize costs. You can also continue reading for a quick recap.




AWS Energy: Data Driving Transformation

For the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry, Marcos Kajita recounts, there are various challenges that customers face when trying to execute their business workflows. Below are some of these challenges:

  • Limited visibility of field assets: customers who have legacy systems are struggling to meet demands and are therefore struggling with visibility. They are hesitant to touch legacy systems and potentially break them.
  • Connectivity issues: Because most of the fieldwork occurs in remote locations, connectivity is not always promised, making data entry difficult and extended periods of downtime
  • Manual workflows for field execution, regulatory compliance, and reporting: Lack of connectivity means that employees are having to input data manually, making the process longer and less accurate.

Due to these common issues that SAP oil and gas customers are facing, AWS put together a list of common best practices:

  • Replace legacy ERP systems with a modernized ERP system
  • To assist with field coordination, it’s best to use analytics and machine learning
  • Fully optimize your ERP system with SaaS RAD solutions like EdgeReady Cloud

Accelerating SAP Innovation

AWS helps to accelerate SAP innovation and enable a data-driven enterprise. This is achieved through with the resulting characteristics:

  • Empowered sales teams
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Better relationship with customers
  • Increased efficiency
  • Products that get better with time
  • Data-driven discipline

Customers use AWS infrastructure to support their SAP ERP or business suite systems. These services are exposed APIs and have the opportunity to be connected to - and because of this API exposure, AWS is able to create a platform across AWS and SAP to build solutions together. From these solutions, customers expect more value from their data, such as better visibility, diversity, the ability to be used by many people, and analyzed by many applications.

Pillir: Lowering the Cost of Innovation

So, how does Pillir fit into innovation for customers in the oil and gas industry? With our #1 rapid application development platform, EdgeReady Cloud, we help customers innovate at the edge. For customers struggling with manual operations in fieldwork, we’ve helped them with the following:

  • Safety Observations
  • Tracking near-misses
  • Well testing and inspections
  • Reactive or preventive maintenance
  • Disconnected operations at the Edge

Through the steps of modernizing, building, and running the solution, we make digital transformation faster and more efficient, while increasing speed-to-market. Along with that, our platform is capable of offline connectivity, requires little-to-no coding, and comes with a drag-n-drop interface. Your employees no longer need to be connected to the internet in order to input data, which increases productivity and reduces costs, all while promoting business growth and success.

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Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.