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Data Migration vs. Data Ingestion

In many corporations, data overflow is a common reality. When it’s scattered everywhere and not located in an accessible location for your team, it can become difficult to measure, analyze, report, or even view that data, causing issues for your business in the long-run. With data volumes increasingly on the rise, businesses are relying on integration tools to meet all of the data consumption requirements for essential business applications. So what solutions are out there to solve this data overflow issue?

Two different options are data migration and data ingestion.

In this blog, we’ll describe what data migration and data ingestion are, why data ingestion in particular supports EdgeReady Cloud, along with what EdgeReady Cloud is, how it helps with data migration versus data ingestion, and helps migrate SAP to the cloud.

What Is Data Migration and Data Ingestion?

Before going into the different options to rearrange and organize your data, let’s define what each solution actually means.

Data ingestion is the process by which data is transferred from several different external sources to a location where it can be stored for both analytics and reporting purposes. In other words, it’s a process of moving external data so it can be turned into valuable business insights. This process supports the analytical processing of data. Alternatively, data migration is a process by which data is moved between different storage types, formats, data architectures and enterprise systems. 

The two solutions sound pretty similar. Data is the obvious common denominator for both but there exists some differences between the two.

Solutions Review states that while data ingestion collects data from sources outside of a corporation for analysis, data migration refers to the movement of data already stored internally to different systems. So, the former is a process that brings a variety of external data together for new insights whereas the latter is a process by which that data already exists internally; it is simply being moved from one place to another. Unlike data ingestion, data migration does not give you any new insights from your migrated information.

Why Data Ingestion Supports EdgeReady Cloud

If your corporation is looking for a data integration solution that allows you to move data from various different locations and gives you new analytical insights on this data, data ingestion is the tool for you.

Data ingestion in particular supports the EdgeReady Cloud because it eases the movement of data to one unified location. Using the power of AWS, the process of data ingestion becomes that much less complex. This is because moving to a cloud-native platform allows various applications to be connected for the real-time exchange of data and processes, while providing access to multiple devices online or offline, no matter the connectivity. 

For example, when Nabors, one of the world’s largest drilling contractors, moved their data over to EdgeReady Cloud, they were able to quickly generate applications that worked in any connectivity landscape, on any device, and were tightly integrated to Oracle while running as cloud-native SaaS applications. This took away the challenges they were previously facing with information that wasn’t accessible for field and plant service workers in remote locations with no connectivity. Accurate data is a crucial component of the success of their remote field operations, and EdgeReady Cloud made that possible for Nabors.

EdgeReady Cloud and How it Helps with Data Ingestion

EdgeReady Cloud is a low-code, rapid application development platform that helps with the process of data ingestion. Pillir understands that data overload is negatively impactful to any corporation, so the ERC makes it that much easier to report on your data in a more efficient manner. How is this accomplished?

EdgeReady Cloud offers a cloud-native tool that makes the process of data ingestion seamless and keeps your data in one location, while giving your team an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface to work with. This not only supports data insights and reporting, but also gives your team valuable time back, making your business more productive and successful in the future. Additionally, EdgeReady Cloud makes it seamless to move data to the cloud for SAP, providing an AWS migration. It also natively integrates with other complex systems such as Oracle, Microsoft and more.

Discover how to incrementally move data into cloud data lakes. Watch this webinar to learn more. Get started on data migration and ingestion with EdgeReady Cloud. Receive a free 30-day trial of EdgeReady Cloud - contact our team to learn more. 

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.