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Pillir Announces the Launch of the Goods Movement Warehouse Management Suite

New business applications for warehouse and inventory management can be deployed in hours, helping SAP-centric enterprises quickly innovate while addressing supply chain and talent shortages

Chandler, AZ - MAY 31, 2022-- Pillir, the leader in the low-code rapid application development market for complex information technology (IT) enterprise resource planning (ERP)-based environments, announced today the launch of the Goods Movement application suite for SAP environments. The Goods Movement suite consists of 16 individual but integrated, customizable applications that address a wide range of functions for warehouse management, store operations, logistics, and inventory management. Pillir is offering a special, limited-time pricing package for the suite, available only until October of 2022; see below for details or click here. Goods Movement is part of Pillir’s Accelerator portfolio of new supply chain applications that can expedite innovation and digital transformation.Goods movement

These applications are designed to help asset-heavy enterprises in industries like manufacturing, retail, logistics, automotive, energy, utilities, mining, and oil-and-gas address challenges such as growing supply chain costs and the shortage of skilled developer talent. The Goods Movement applications can be customized and deployed in mere hours or days, as opposed to the weeks or months typically required by traditional development. 

Supply chains and inventory costs are rising according to the Logistics Managers’ Index, with transportation, warehousing, and inventory prices reaching record levels in 2021. Companies in these environments are looking to improve efficiencies, innovate their processes, and modernize their business functions, yet also face a shortage of developers required to implement these enhancements, especially in enterprises that rely on SAP as its core manufacturing and logistics systems. 

The Goods Movement suite allows companies to instantly modernize their business functions and processes using out-of-the-box, customizable, web- and mobile-friendly business applications while incurring a fraction of the resources, disruption, cost, and time of traditional methods. Based on Pillir’s award-winning low-code platform, the suite includes applications such as Goods Issue, Goods Receipt, Stock Transfer, Transfer Order, and many other common functions. For more information about the new offering, visit

“Before Pillir, we used to experience major inefficiencies due to the lack of digitization around key inventory and materials management processes. Our forklift drivers had to manually enter finished products into the SAP system after they came off the conveyor belt, then walk to a terminal to confirm details and key delivery, material, and inventory data,” said Paul McDevitt, Director of Materials at Toray Plastics America, Inc. “Now, forklift drivers can accomplish a list of tasks through the Pillir apps without ever leaving their seats, like scanning barcodes, making order inquiries, checking inventory, managing finished goods pallets, and ensuring accurate material movement and delivery.” 

No matter what version of SAP system an enterprise runs, how customized it is, or whether it’s installed on-premises or in the cloud, this new application portfolio is designed to improve and modernize fulfillment, inventory, and warehouse management. It introduces a host of new operational efficiencies to enterprise ERP environments, including a reduction of SAP’s technical debt and cost of ownership. 

Details of the limited-time offer are below, valid until October of 2022. The offer includes:

  • 16 customizable Inventory Goods Movement applications including Goods Issue, Goods Receipt, Stock Transfer, Transfer Order, Goods Movement, Storage Location Transfer, Bin-to-Bin Transfer, and more
  • The package costs $10,000 a year for up to 500 monthly active users
  • All applications work on any version of SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA
  • All work on a range of formats: desktops, tablets, mobile, or rugged and Radio Frequency (RF) devices
  • All function both on- and offline

Interested parties can visit for information.

“The shortage of skilled developers has made it difficult for enterprises to innovate and advance their operations. They just don’t have enough talent for the job, so many projects are stagnating. Pillir can deliver pre-built yet customizable solutions that empower enterprises to modernize in days or weeks, instead of months or years,” said Vaidya Aiyer, CEO and founder of Pillir. “Using these solutions, enterprises can innovate more quickly, increasing their current employees' satisfaction. Customers who have modernized with our applications have achieved dramatic efficiencies, cost savings, improvements in company-wide visibility, and even improved safety in their workplace environments. We want to empower more companies to gain these same benefits, despite the very real challenges they‘re facing.” 

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