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Intellyx: Pillir is Making child’s play of SAP supply chain app design

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

Pillir is filling the technical talent gap required for creating SaaS and cloud-based supply chain transformations with a ‘Lego-block-like’ drag and drop functional application builder.

Since our last coverage of the low-code vendor in 2021, they have evolved from their low-code SAP modernization roots to building a digital experience wrapper for plugging in a growing set of pre-built workflows to quickly build supply chain apps for tracking the flow of goods and inventory through warehouses and logistics networks. 

The solution uses literal Scratch development blocks which were developed at MiT for teaching programming to children, enforcing the proper fit of SAP or other core ERP and SCM system inputs and outputs when functional modules are assembled.

Pillir’s low-code capabilities give customers the ability to create any business application that leverages SAP’s data and business processes.

While other enterprise low-code platforms offer similar capabilities, Pillir’s support for ABAP offers more flexible modernization options than competing platforms. It can also help organizations transition from SAP R/3 and older SAP implementations to the current S/4HANA.

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