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Pillir looks to reshape SAP modernization with launch of low code EdgeReady Cloud platform

Pillir’s redesigned platform combines their original ability to translate SAP legacy code into modern low-code with a lego block system that greatly speeds up the process, and the channel is the focus of their Go-to-Market strategy.

Low-code/no-code platform provider Pillir has launched EdgeReady Cloud, a rapid application development platform that lets SAP users significantly reduce their costs in moving their ERP systems to the cloud. They do this using a lego block concept invented by MIT most associated with scratch coding for kids. Here, however, Pillir becomes the first to take this building block concept to the enterprise back end.

“I have been in the enterprise software industry for 30 years, and used to run another company before this one,” said Vaidya Aiyer, Pillir’s CEO. “Building applications around ERP, especially SAP, had two specific challenges. First, large enterprises are customized, so building around  the ERP is tough, especially since it required hiring more resources. Second, the larger the company, the more customized the business process is, and the ERP is, and the more custom code is required.”

Aiyer said that the requirements of customizing code for ERPs also puts a heavy burden on IT resources.

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