EdgeReady Cloud Product Overview

EdgeReady Cloud Detailed Product Overview

Upgrade the old. Build the new. Modernize your business.

Pillir is a low-code/no-code, cloud-native platform that enables organizations to develop mission-critical apps 20 times faster than traditional methods, leveraging the power of SAP’s digital core from any device, with or without connectivity. The platform enables organizations at any stage of their SAP journeys to quickly and easily innovate, with little-to-no programming requirements, rapidly moving custom development to the edge.

Download this detailed product overview to learn:

  • The architecture of EdgeReady Cloud
  • How the product is different from other solutions in the market
  • Detailed technical description of the different modules and elements making this product the best SAP focused low-code solution

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ERP Architects and Functional Leaders

Build, convert and clear the path for a cleaner core and better SAP user experience.
Only 6 weeks for your first application at a fraction of the cost.

ABAP Teams and Development Leaders

Leverage existing skill sets coupled with low code development tools and automated logic conversion accelerating development cycles by 20x in your journey to SAP harmonization


Gabe Dellevigne, Head of Digital Transformation, Dole Packaged Foods

Pillir’s platform is a powerful portion of our overall enterprise Suite of solutions. Pillir solution enables us to consistently develop and deploy high-quality, web and mobile applications that provide great usability, specific features and capabilities that much higher cost options typically deliver. The native, real-time, in and out integration to our core SAP S/4HANA (and ECC before it) transactional system is one of the key strengths of the platform – but I would also say the speed and agility in which they can get these solutions delivered as well.


Scot Williams, VP and CFO, Villara Building Systems

Thanks to our work with the Pillir team, Villara’s payroll process is far more accurate and far more efficient than ever before. Field team members easily complete job-costed time entry quickly, easily, and far more enjoyably than ever before. Supervisors can easily review and approve time daily, even when they are geographically distant from team members. Payroll data entry for field teams has been reduced by over 95%, substantially lowering costs. And for Villara, this is just the beginning. Pillir’s architecture and ease of development are enabling us to transform our job site operations digitally – creating better two-way data flow, improving real-time communication, replacing time-consuming paper-based processes with modern apps that appeal to today’s construction workforce, and equipping us to compete effectively in today’s disrupted, rapidly changing market.


Paul McDevitt, Director of Materials, Toray Plastics America, Inc.

We used to have major impacts to daily output because of the lack of digitization around key processes in inventory and materials management. We use to have our forklift drivers manually enter finished products in SAP after they came off the belt in a terminal, as well as take time to go to a terminal to confirm delivery details and key information about material and inventory. Now, our Forklift drivers scan barcodes and do sales order inquiry and inventory lookup instantly on an iPad, managing finished goods pallets as they come off the belt and ensuring material movement internally to the right plant as well as to the right delivery door, truck, and location – all without leaving their seat.


Mike Woods, CIO, NPC Inc.

Using Pillir gives us the speed and flexibility needed to rapidly drive our business outcomes with a lean IT staff. NPC was able to increase up-time on our retail location’s equipment significantly, while decreasing the cost to maintain that same equipment by digitizing our approval workflow process with Pillir. They built our first application, but now our team has the skill set to create more and are quickly leveraging the power of the platform to extend our SAP ERP business system and maximize its value.