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How to Build Custom Mobile Apps for SAP in 7 Hours or Less

Today, speed to innovate has become the key to business success across various industries, however, many organizations are struggling to meet this threshold for success. Most continue to use outdated legacy business systems that prove to be inefficient, requiring significant manual input and are typically prone to error.

With EdgeReady Cloud, these issues can be addressed and eradicated. This platform will not only cut costs, but will increase productivity and, best of all, will allow for custom mobile, EdgeReady Apps for SAP to be built in 7 hours or less.

Why the Legacy Approach to App Development is Failing

It’s extremely important to know why the legacy approach to app development is not doing anyone any favors right now.

Organizations such as those in the manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction industry are, more often than not, relying on legacy SAP ERP solutions to run their business.

These legacy systems hinder success and innovation amongst these industries due to the following reasons:

  • Heavy Programming. Your smartest technical resources, such as developers and coders, are spent performing mundane tasks that take them away from productivity and otherwise time spent contributing to business growth.

  • Inaccurate Data. Connectivity challenges within legacy systems present a major delay in data, and usability impacts human error.

  • Manual Work. The struggle to build the right data sync forces continued manual work, detracting from productivity
  • Employee Morale. Legacy processes impact the ability to attract future candidates due to ‘data entry and upload’ creating more work than necessary. Candidates considered to be top engineering talent are focused on solving critical but non-differentiating challenges.

 These unnecessary challenges can be easily taken away with a robust, resilient solution for  complete visibility to real time information; as offered by EdgeReady Cloud.

To learn more, click below to view the webinar that takes you through the exact steps for how to utilize EdgeReady Cloud to create Mobile Applications in SAP in less than 7 hours.New call-to-action

If you’re unable to watch the above webinar, here is a brief synopsis of the process below.

Build Mobile Apps for SAP in Seven Hours

In less than one business day, Pillir can have an organization’s mobile applications up and running thanks to our rapid application development platform. This can be proven by demonstrating the following:

Application Use Case

In the first hour, an application use case is selected - otherwise known as how your business is struggling and what that looks like. For example, an organization can select the use case of field technicians and Pillir will demonstrate how it can provide flexible solutions in that instance.

EdgeReady Cloud will analyze its business impact and why your organization can justify the cost of the deployment. The solution will also examine business workflows, outline how the new system improves them, and generates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that explain how your organization benefits from its new cloud application development platform.

Existing SAP Deployment and Customizing Application to Your Business

The second hour is dedicated to understanding the SAP configuration for the use case chosen and setting up the infrastructure of the apps, leading into the third and fourth hour where the apps become customized to your business.

The apps become customized by going through the following three steps, based on the use case:

customized apps

Following the deployment of the apps, there is an optional step for advanced customization in the fifth and sixth hour. This includes further customizing to your unique business needs, UI customization using JavaScript and real life offline testing.

Review Proof of Value

In the last and final hour of demonstrating the importance of deploying mobile apps for your organization, Pillir highlights the proof of value of these solutions.

In this hour, the following expected outcomes are emphasized:

  • Increase in business productivity
  • Speed to market increase
  • Maximize technology spend


All of our clients have not only cut costs after implementing Pillir’s solutions, such as EdgeReady apps, but have also greatly increased productivity. For example, a logistics supplier and an oil and gas company who used these solutions noticed the following results after deployment:

  • Reduced ABAP work by 50% and costs by 33%,
  • In-house tech support decreased by 50%
  • Improved asset management: a 20% reduction in items missing
  • Lowered training time by 50% because it is done on the mobile device

Not only that, but our clients gained insight and control over their operations, where previously visibility wasn’t prevalent. Inefficient, time consuming and manual processes were digitized. In some cases, a push of a button replaced a mound of paper and a number of calls.

The investment of only seven hours can be the difference between lost productivity and wasted money and greatly improved business processes. Say goodbye to outdated legacy applications and learn more about Pillir’s innovative solutions today.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.