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How It All Began: The Pillir Story

If you’re seeking a digital transformation solution for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, you’ve most likely come across many software providers that promise to modernize your ERP business system.

Whether you utilize SAP ERP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or other database systems, there may seem to be too many options out there – and trust us, there are a lot of companies who claim to be able to transform legacy, paper-based systems. Whether or not they actually can is open to debate, however, as most software solutions for SAP ERP modernization tend to have a one-size fits all approach to digital transformation. This ends up in a great attempt for a solution for legacy workflows, but mostly results in time and money spent with little to show for an affordable, custom application solution.

So, unlike the average SaaS application provider for ERP business systems, Pillir’s approach is to provide solutions that are actually customized to meet the exact requirements of any business, on any ERP system, guaranteed.

Yes, we mean ANY ERP system – and we even customize your solution with little-to-no coding, every time, with or without connectivity.

Pillir is a cloud-native, low code rapid application development platform that enables companies to generate (what we call) “EdgeReady” applications that rapidly integrate to any ERP system. Pillir digitizes manual processes to increase efficiency and productivity by enabling business modernization at speed and scale. This approach to modernization allows companies to shift technology resources from maintenance to innovation in weeks.

Offering different solutions for various industries; specifically construction, oil and gas, agriculture, logistics, manufacturing, chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and essentially any industry that promotes industrial workflows, Pillir is an adaptable, digitized platform that quickly solves for inefficiency and reduces any businesses total cost of maintenance and ownership.

How It All Began: The Pillir Story

 Pillir was founded in 2013 by Vaidya Aiyer, and was formerly known as appsFreedom. Vaidya’s original vision was to build applications, quickly, but as demand changed and the platform evolved, the appsFreedom platform was beginning to solve more problems experienced by ERP customers than simply building out applications for ERPs.

When Vaidya was asked about the company’s beginning, he stated, “We realized we solved for more than just apps. We were helping customers innovate much faster, enabling them to meet business needs more rapidly and were helping them to completely eliminate the need to maintain expensive resources.”

Before officially launching the platform in 2016, the team at Pillir spent 3 years on R&D, in which they sought to understand the challenges that businesses faced when building their own applications and identify ways to simplify the process. Previously in the SAP space for 25 years before starting Pillir, Vaidya wanted to solve for time spent on maintenance, eliminate technical barriers, save clients money, and add automation where paper-based, legacy processes existed.

Vaidya explained it as, “I was working on really complex supply chain projects within little-to-no connectivity environments and I saw countless resources being spent on solving technical challenges - versus business problems. I realized at this point that if I could pre-code the first 60-80% of the infrastructure and application requirements, I could help companies build and scale these applications more efficiently than traditionally done.”

The Creation of EdgeReady Cloud Platform

 As the result of Vaidya’s revelation that companies needed to rapidly build applications, coding less and modernizing more, EdgeReady Cloud was created. This solution was built to provide rapid application development with little-to-no-programming and reusable objects. Customers are able to generate resilient, always-available, self-managing applications that integrate into their customized SAP ERP system, on any device, in any connectivity landscape and  allow for companies to enhance speed to market and innovation.

EdgeReady Cloud features:

  • Resilient and Always Available Application Building: Customers can do their jobs from any location, with any device, with or without connectivity with EdgeReady Cloud.
  • Easily Integrated Into Any System: Customers can integrate new applications with existing cloud-based applications, on-premise business applications and IoT systems.
  • Self-Managed Solution: EdgeReady cloud is a cloud-native SaaS solution that enables any one to deploy custom, elastic applications with zero IT overhead.

Built on AWS, EdgeReady apps created on EdgeReady Cloud can account for any number of users and load in seconds, giving back valuable time to employees.

Pillir Solutions

Pillir offers multiple solutions for companies based on any use case. Pillir enables companies to meet a growing demand for digital transformation by generating applications quickly, without having to conduct repetitive, initial programming and basic infrastructure build, and enabling basic control set up.

Pillir essentially provides solutions for:

  • Connectivity and downtime issues for remote workers
  • Manual data input procedures
  • Modernizing legacy application processes
  • Time consuming application development
  • Speed-to-market of new apps
  • Maximizing technology spend
  • Digitize workflows online or offline

Digitizing Companies in Any Industry

With the ability to modernize any industry system, Pillir is the answer to all of your automation requirements. For example, in the use case of the Oil & Gas industry, a struggle with lack of consistent network availability across distributed operating sites exists along with an inability to sync exponentially growing data between sites and back-end systems.

See the use cases below on how Pillir has helped companies digitize their workflows and the benefits of doing so:

  • Villara Building Systems: Villara Building Systems converted a paper-based, time keeping solution for mobile workers into a streamlined set of applications for every role within their process.
  • Dole Packaged Foods: Dole Packaged Foods digitized their infrastructure by streamlining their master materials process with Pillir.
  • Toray: Explore how Toray digitized their warehouse and inventory management with Pillir.
  • Nabors: Nabors digitized their remote field operations in non-connectivity landscapes with Pillir.

Pillir, as a platform and solution, started from a realization that companies in different industries were suffering from lack of productivity and efficiency within their business systems, all because business applications had no way of being automated.

So the next time you’re curious about who Pillir is, you’ll know that it’s an automated, cloud-native application development platform for any ERP system that saves time, money and effort for any industry.

If you’re interested in how Pillir can help your business digitize and automate your workflows, click here to learn more.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.