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Digitize Construction Workflows with Low-Code Applications

Construction companies have long been a vital part of economic growth around the world. In the United States alone, construction accounts for about $653 billion of the GDP. With the ever-changing digital landscape, however, construction companies are not dismissed from the increased pressure to grow and change with current events. Many organizations are unsure how to adapt in order to lower costs while not sacrificing the quality of their services.

Construction is an industry centered on manpower, materials and information—so it requires processes that support their work and the rapid movement of the industry. Many construction companies are known for ‘automating’ this work through their own business processes, however, most become either inefficient or continue utilizing outdated ERP solutions. This has resulted in the industry struggling to meet the needs of field technicians, workers and contractors who rely on logistics tracking, inspections, maintenance and assets to keep up with the demands of their job.

Legacy Development Inefficiencies

So how have construction companies attempted to meet the needs of their employees? Most companies end up hiring professional developers or coders who spend about 70-80% of their time performing tedious and mundane tasks, such as building and maintaining legacy infrastructures. Developers are working simply to just keep the lights on and aren’t contributing towards actual business growth and innovation.

Additionally, legacy systems currently in place in most construction companies were not designed to support tools that automate routine tasks, therefore relying heavily on manual coding. Humans make mistakes, so many legacy processes are designed to correct input errors like misnaming a file. These solutions require extensive testing and debugging, which further slows the process. IT teams end up spending their time running in circles rather than innovating.

Low-Code Offers Effective Solutions

As the need for automation in the construction industry increases, so does the need to lower costs and maximize growth. Legacy processes are no longer effective, which is why low-code applications are now necessary within the construction industry.

Low-code is a software development approach to coding that allows users to create and manage applications quickly with minimal manual coding required- automating the creation of web apps in a manner that makes their creation both quick and effective. This allows for legacy modernization to take place.

Pillir offers a low-code, rapid application development platform called EdgeReady Cloud which allows construction companies to apply more value to their time and money, while providing digitization of legacy systems. With the world's most advanced and sophisticated offline-capability, EdgeReady Cloud enables end users to process data and execute business rules in any device's offline mode, completely, for several days.

Maximize Productivity in Construction

In EdgeReady Cloud's offline capability mode, all business data is packaged and kept in the device, securely decrypted, which then interacts with backend business applications when connectivity is available - providing zero loss in productivity and full digitization.

Below are just a few benefits to enabling Pillir’s low-code EdgeReady Cloud solution to any construction organization:

  • Offline authentication
  • Offline data processing
  • Data persistence
  • Data sync and orchestration
  • Data consistency engine
  • Conflict resolution engine
  • Device sensors
Cut Costs in Construction

Not only will this increase productivity ten-fold, but rapid application development platforms like EdgeReady Cloud are also affordable – quickly lowering costs for construction companies. Organizations no longer have to spend their money on expensive developers or coders or worry if their worker’s time isn’t being maximized.

Efficiency and reliability is promised with low-code solutions like EdgeReady Cloud, cutting costs drastically:

  • No expensive developers
  • Maximized productivity
  • Satisfied customers
  • Greater efficiency in less time
  • Drag and drop interfaces

Digitization: a Game-Changer for Construction 

With construction companies being such a driving force in the world’s economies, shouldn’t they also have a legacy modernization solution to solve for lost productivity and inefficiency? With low-code platforms such as EdgeReady Cloud, the companies in the construction industry can truly innovate. Application development becomes more streamlined and a new system can be built in an ERP like SAP in as little as 7 hours. Not only that, but the 70-80% of time IT team members previously spent on simply building apps is freed up, allowing them to contribute to business problems and growth.

EdgeReady Cloud provides rapid application development with little-to-no programming and reusable objects; enabling companies to enhance speed to market and innovation. With pre-built integrations for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and other legacy systems, customers leverage Pillir to modernize any process or application in weeks, regardless of connectivity, device or back end system.

For a limited time, Pillir is offering SAP customers a free ABAP discovery tool called NANCI, the only TCO and ABAP Technical Debt Analyzer for SAP systems.

With no strings attached, contact our sales team to receive your free download and discover what extra technical debt may be weighing down your SAP system.

Is your organization using another ERP system like Oracle, Microsoft, or another legacy database?

EdgeReady Cloud works with any system, every time. Learn more about our integrations by contacting our team, today.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.