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How to Make Mobile Apps for Field Technicians in SAP

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to change the way the companies of the world are working. But with some still relying on outdated manual processes, how can companies that increase productivity and efficiency while working to meet the needs of their employees in the field?

Mobile applications for field technicians help modernize legacy workflows that are typically done manually. With innovative and resilient tools such as EdgeReady Cloud, companies can easily bring digital transformation to the forefront of their SAP ERP system.

Challenges Faced by Field Technicians

Before touching on how to make applications for field technicians, it’s important to emphasize the challenges that are faced when the automation that EdgeReady apps provide isn’t adopted in your organization. Most field technicians are faced with having to complete certain jobs manually. Not only does this take up valuable time, money and effort towards processes that could be automated, but it also presents serious challenges that limits productivity.

Field technician productivity challenges may include:

  • Field Service: repeat calls
  • Inspections: high safety and environmental incident rates
  • Maintenance: emergency work and downtime
  • Assets: lack of equipment reliability

Companies cannot approach digitizing all their manual workflows, such as for field technicians and critical employees, on software the same way it has been managed for the past several years. Modernization platforms such as EdgeReady Cloud provide a revolutionary patented approach that takes the challenges experienced everyday with managing mobile applications and strips away complexity of maintenance, infrastructure and basic controls to provide the opportunity for organizations to save 60-80% of their time, money and effort.

Automate Manual Processes

By implementing EdgeReady Cloud, field technicians will notice that not only has their productivity increased, but their previous challenges when doing jobs manually have been nearly eradicated.

  • Field service: less repeat calls, lower incident rate, faster response time.
  • Inspections: higher yield, less customer rejections, higher throughput, less environmental incidents.
  • Maintenance: more planned and less emergency work orders, less downtime, higher operating time.
  • Assets: higher equipment reliability, stronger inventory accuracy.

See more on how your organization can automate the creation of mobile applications for field technicians using Pillir in this video:


EdgeReady Cloud

As outlined in the above video, companies can modernize their business by generating pre-built EdgeReady applications that work on every device, specifically for field technicians. EdgeReady apps natively integrate to SAP and other core business systems automatically - allowing you to confide in their ability to be constantly adaptive and transformative to meet your business needs.
With EdgeReady Cloud your organization can easily:

  • Define productivity metrics.
  • Measure and monitor against your metrics.
  • Analyze for root cause and notify.
  • Quickly optimize without programming.
  • Re-deploy and monitor.

Pillir's solution creates a digital wrapper around your organization’s SAP ERP digital core— referred to as the Digital Edge. This seamless, customized user experience (UX) works across all devices, such as iOS, Android and Windows and can also be integrated into back-end applications.

Contact us to explore how Pillir can improve business productivity by enabling teams to build apps quickly in SAP on any device and tightly integrate with core business systems that are critical to your operations

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Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.