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Reasons Not to Modernize SAP ERP

So, you’re unsure if you should modernize your legacy system. Modernization not only could add more work to your plate, but you’re worried that it may cost too much and won’t be worth the investment or time. If you need someone to tell you why modernization is you’ve come to the right place, but this encouragement may not come out in the most typical way.

Throughout this blog, we’ll be giving you reasons not to modernize your legacy SAP ERP system, injecting some humor to lighten things up a bit, and why EdgeReady Cloud is definitely a solution you should consider.

Here are the fun, honest reasons why you should modernize SAP ERP, but if you’re not into things like saving money and actually being able to go on vacation… I wouldn’t read much further.

Your Company Could Save Money

Can you imagine actually saving your company money? I mean, what a disaster, right? SAP modernization decreases your total cost of ownership and technical debt, while freeing up room in your budget for business growth and productivity. So why not stick with your legacy platform that’s been accumulating technical debt for years? Hmm... let's think about that. 

Your Team Will Think You’re a Genius

With your current legacy system in place, your team members find themselves dedicating their time to manual or paper-driven tasks instead of fully focusing on their main responsibilities. If you were to digitize your legacy system, your team might just think you’re a genius.Modernizing will automate their manual tasks and make everyone more productive.

Wave Goodbye to Coding

ABAP, the coding language of SAP, has been around since 1972 and hasn’t really changed too much since then. Because of this, most corporations need to hire or train employees in a legacy coding language that’s pretty complex and pretty dated. But, we wouldn’t want to take away your dreams of spending hours upon hours either coding ABAP yourself or finding someone who knows how to. If you want to keep living this dream, don’t modernize your system with a low-code solution like EdgeReady Cloud. With a low-code rapid application development platform, gone will be the days of hiring coding experts and fulfilling your life’s goal of coding for eternity.

You’ll Have Time to Take a Vacation

Vacation who? If spending time maintaining a legacy system is your version of fun in the sun, especially outside of work hours or during national holidays, read no further about legacy modernization. Why modernize and get time back in your day or take a day off when you could instead manage existing non-core customizations during your free time? Most insane people would say, “I’ll pass on that 7-day Caribbean cruise.” But you’re not crazy, so you’re going to keep reading. 

Efficiency Will Increase

If you modernize your legacy SAP ERP system, gone will be the days of having to deal with operational errors. Efficiency could actually become a reality after modernization, and who wants that? Additionally, workflows will improve and overall operational efficiency would be achieved. Using a low-code SaaS platform with RAD capabilities to reduce your organization’s inefficiencies and increase speed-to-market would be nonsense… right?

EdgeReady Cloud: Try It If You Dare

Why would you ever want to achieve modernization and enjoy its benefits? Modernizing with the #1 rapid application development platform, EdgeReady Cloud, sets you up for success with drag-n-drop interfaces, offline connectivity capabilities, and little-to-no coding. Our platform allows you to maintain a standard and clean SAP system – lowering TCO and increasing the rate of change. It also enables you to understand how non-core customizations can be easily modernized with track improvement of efficiency of any operating environment over time. 

So talk to our modernization experts today if you’re slightly curious. Our modernization solution might just make you look too good.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.