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How to Sabotage Growth and Prevent Innovation in SAP ERP

*Warning: Satire Blog*

Once again, it’s happened. Your team is having to manually accomplish tasks that should otherwise be automated. The limitations of the legacy SAP ERP system used by your company simply restricts your team from accomplishing anything quickly. 

Although you’ve thought about modernizing your legacy system, it just seems like too much of an investment and a waste of time. So instead of letting us sway you into listening to the facts, read this blog on how you can best sabotage growth in your business and prevent innovation in your legacy system when approached by modernization experts.

Object Immediately

The first step in avoiding any form of innovation for a legacy system is objecting to anything a modernization expert has to say. To be prepared, here are a few things someone who’s had decades of experience in SAP might say:

  • Innovative solutions such as EdgeReady Cloud modernize legacy systems in as little as a few weeks or months, with the ability to automate your once manual workflows and lower your TCO
  • Not modernizing is actually causing you to lose money. Continuous maintenance and issues with human errors are just some examples of how your business is losing money with your outdated SAP ERP system.
  • Your employees are losing productivity because of all the manual tasks they have to do.

Ignore all of the statements above to sabotage positive growth for your company. Instead, object to any facts mentioned. You can then continue on your merry way and remain stagnant.

Remain in Disbelief

When a modernization expert approaches you, another piece of advice to continue sabotaging growth in your company is to remain in complete disbelief. If you don’t believe in their fancy platform, efficiency in your SAP system won’t happen, which is your goal. Just don’t listen to the fact that solutions like EdgeReady Cloud actually make innovating easier with drag-n-drop interfaces and connectivity in any landscape.

Don’t Mention It To Anyone

Shhh. This is a secret you definitely want to keep to yourself, so make sure to keep your lips sealed about anything related to modernization. Modernization experts have started to bring up automation, lowering TCO, and solutions that require little-to-no coding, things that your team should never learn about. As long as you keep your mouth shut, you’re in the clear and no one will know that a solution like EdgeReady Cloud exists… otherwise things may positively change for your organization.

Absolutely Refuse a Demo

So, a modernization expert wants to offer you a demo. This particular platform, called EdgeReady Cloud, has many beneficial features that can help you achieve modernization success. But you’re not going to give in and let modernization experts actually demonstrate all the qualities of their low-code rapid application development platform. Chances are you might actually like it.

Think this blog offered some nonsense advice and you’re ready to start your modernization journey? Set up some time with our team of modernization experts so we can understand your pain points in SAP and help you on the path towards modernization today.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.