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Top 4 Customer Thanksgivings From Using EdgeReady Cloud

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, it may be difficult this year to focus on things to be grateful for. But one thing’s for sure, if you’re an EdgeReady Cloud customer, there are many things to give thanks for.

In this blog, we’re going to explain what the EdgeReady Cloud is and what to be grateful for when you’re an EdgeReady Cloud customer this Thanksgiving.

Give Thanks: A Low-Code Solution for All

EdgeReady Cloud is a low-code rapid application development platform that increases innovation, agility and business growth. This rapid application development platform offers a drag-n-drop interface, native adapters, and the ability to be accessed in any connectivity landscape.

So what are some tangible reasons to be grateful for EdgeReady Cloud?

Reasons to Give Thanks for EdgeReady Cloud

As an EdgeReady Cloud customer, you may just feel especially blessed during this season of Thanksgiving. Below are some ways in which Pillir’s low-code rapid application development solution does just that:

Offline Capabilities

For companies like Nabors, one of the world’s largest drilling contractors, employees are often remotely working similarly to those in many oil and gas companies. With these tens of thousands employees often working in environments without cell phone service or internet connectivity, not being able to input crucial data right in the moment became a huge challenge. After becoming an EdgeReady Cloud customer, however, Nabors gained the ability to quickly generate applications that worked in any connectivity landscape, on any device, and were tightly integrated to Oracle while running as cloud- native SaaS applications.

Little-to-No Coding

Instead of relying on expensive coders skilled in a legacy ABAP coding language, you could instead be giving thanks for little-to-no coding with EdgeReady Cloud. Not only does this allow anyone on your team to build out modern applications that make your business more efficient, but takes less money out of your pocket. This is crucial especially as a global pandemic continues to impact the budget of any company.

Automation of Manual Tasks

For employees who are stuck doing manual tasks that should otherwise be automated, productivity is lost and frustration can increase. For Mobile Mini, this was exactly the case. Workers were having to conduct lengthy manual paper processes for physical inventory validation, which inevitably led to human error and higher operational costs. After becoming an EdgeReady Cloud customer, however, workflows became automated and employees no longer had to manually submit data, increasing efficiency and business growth.

Reduce Costs and TCO

Perhaps one of the biggest things to be grateful for as an EdgeReady Cloud customer is reduction of business costs and a lower total cost of ownership. Let’s be honest--it’s more important than ever to reduce your overall business expenses and total cost of ownership, and having a legacy system isn’t helping with either. As an EdgeReady Cloud customer, you’ll be saving money left and right and increase innovation and efficiency.

Want to give thanks this year by being an EdgeReady Cloud customer? Contact us today so we can hear about your use case.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.