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How Rapid Application Development Affects Modernization for SAP Customers

Although migration to the cloud is well underway among SAP and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) users, as per a Forrester report more than 75% of enterprise organizations still utilize a certain amount of paper-based processes in their workflows. Close to 65% still run business processes on Excel.

The reason is obvious to CIOs—modernization is hard.

Complex ERP systems are not candidates for a lift-and-shift approach to cloud migration. In-house or outsourced developers must rework code to optimize it for a cloud environment. It takes time and resources, and in the final analysis it often does not generate much ROI.

Furthermore, an enterprise may not even have resources with expertise in cloud development or Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) language, SAP’s proprietary language modeled after COBOL from the 1980s.

The skills shortage, as well as the time and cost involved in brownfield projects, are leading many enterprises to conclude that the best course is to continue using their current ERP systems and the mission-critical customizations they rely on. The outcome, then, is to put off digital transformation a little bit longer.

Unfortunately, that means these businesses are also putting off providing their field sales or technicians with mobile access to ERP functionality and greater efficiency. They also forego the cost savings of retiring their data centers and innovation that could result in new products, services, and revenues when moving to the cloud.

There is a viable solution that can help enterprises advance their IT modernization plans right now. This post outlines how Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud rapid application development platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) solves these problems for enterprises.

Pillir is an AWS Partner that gives developers an easy way to modernize legacy code and provide their operation the advantage of cloud-nativity, even if they don’t have cloud development expertise.

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