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Pillir outlines the important unmet need among SAP users

Among SAP users, there is an unmet need for offline mobile development. Pillir addresses this in their latest guide to offline mobile application development and gives people more understanding as to why offline applications are so sought after in this industry.

Just like us, relying on our internet connectivity throughout our day-to-day lives, businesses are also relying on mobile or local coverage in order to manage and operate their business services. Whenever a business process has inconsistencies in connectivity, they are forced to work offline more often than not by using error-prone or non-digital solutions.

Personnel working on oil rigs must perform their job duties and report them or even supply chain deliveries must be tracked even in the remotest locations, they all require business applications to be working as intended, even offline. This means automatic synchronization of business data without loss to the ERP once connected again.Ebook offline guide for application development book cover

As businesses advance their digital foothold, they become more and more dependent on systems, applications and other custom features in order to process data and keep automated processes running smoothly. With productivity almost reliant on tech availability, making use of uptime can sometimes depend on the ability for offline working.

Building and maintaining an offline app is easier said than done, though. The majority of developers in the world are accustomed to the online world and have built plenty of online applications, however they don’t understand the intricacies of enterprise applications needed for offline capabilities.

How much value a mobile application can provide to the business rests entirely on the shoulders of the business owner. When a business has designed, developed and deployed their app using Pillir’s platform, it will contribute towards greater efficiency and productivity throughout the entire business.


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