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Pillir: A Founder’s Story…and a Company’s Birth

Posted by Vaidya Aiyer on October 6, 2022

Throughout history, pillars have been vital to civilization. Ancient kingdoms strengthened the foundations of buildings with them, and modern countries use them to build homes, businesses, educational institutions and more. Truly, the...

Pillir Adds Asset Management to its Accelerator Supply Chain Solutions

Posted by Irit Gillath on September 16, 2022


Low Code Evaluation Guide

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on August 30, 2022

The Complete Guide For Low-Code/No-Code Evaluation

Custom application development can be the key to greater efficiency and innovation – but the question of how to create custom code can stand in the way of those goals. Traditional software...

SAP Physical Inventory Best Practices

Posted by Kapil Bhamburkar on August 25, 2022

Best Practice: How To Improve SAP Physical Inventory Processes

Inventory visibility is critical, both day-to-day and at year-end. Production planning and order fulfillment don’t work without precise inventory data. Additionally, SAP...

SAP Application development strategies infographic

Posted by Irit Gillath on August 24, 2022

Optimize Goods Receipt Reversal in SAP

Posted by Kapil Bhamburkar on August 23, 2022

A goods receipt in SAP gives warehouses the tools to receive products, parts, partial assemblies, or raw materials efficiently and effectively. SAP provides logical steps to manage the goods receipt process – and also a way to handle a ...

Comparing SAP EWM vs WM: What warehouse management solution is right?

Posted by Kapil Bhamburkar on August 22, 2022


SAP Warehouse Management (WM) end of support is calendared for 2025. A few of the components will be included in Stock Room Management in S/4HANA, but SAP recommends moving to the more robust Extended Warehouse Management...

Production Order Confirmation in SAP

Posted by Kapil Bhamburkar on August 19, 2022

Tips for Managing Production Order Confirmation in SAP

Manufacturers depend on effective warehouse operations. The well-run warehouse gives manufacturers space and orderly processes to store and manage raw materials and stock. The...

SAP EWM Decentralized vs. Embedded

Posted by Shivam Kapoor on July 29, 2022

The Differences Between SAP EWM Decentralized vs. Embedded

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) offers warehouses a comprehensive solution for managing warehouse operations from goods receipt, reversals, storage optimization, picking...

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