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Digitally Transforming Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Vaidya Aiyer on July 28, 2021

Manufacturers cannot turn back now. The promise, potential, and pressure of digital transformation are here, and they’re here to stay. In fact, 95 percent of senior manufacturing decision-makers say transformation is essential to their...

6 Myths about SAP Low-Code No-Code Platform

Posted by Irit Gillath on July 20, 2021

SAP is known for offering a wide array of features, modules, and integrations, including SAP Low-Code No-Code platforms. However, every business is unique and, inevitably, will need additional functionality to optimize its processes.


Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud Receives SAP Certification, Validating Its Incremental Approach to Modernization

Posted by Irit Gillath on July 9, 2021

SAP has certified Pillir’s rapid application development platform, substantiating its strategy to let enterprises migrate business processes to the cloud at their own pace

Mendix vs OutSystems vs Pillir: Find the Right Low-Code Solution

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on July 6, 2021

“Low-code” means different things to different people – and to different software engineers. For example, take a comparison of Mendix vs. OutSystems vs. Pillir. They are three great platforms, but they are also three very different...

[Press Release] Pillir Debuts Innovative Low/No-Code Platform for Rapid SAP Modernization

Posted by Irit Gillath on May 17, 2021

New solution lets companies accelerate business transformation, renovating processes and lowering TCO for secure, cost-effective ERP modernization.

Your Guide to Offline Mobile Application Development

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on April 22, 2021

Offline Mobile App Development

Offline mobile application development addresses a significant need for SAP users. We have all learned to rely on internet connectivity in our daily lives. Similarly, businesses are relying on mobile or local...

13 Things to Consider With SAP Rapid Application Development Platforms

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on April 12, 2021

SAP Rapid Application Development (RAD) minimizes the time and expense of creating the software applications your business needs. Although an SAP implementation can streamline and automate many workflows within an operation, customization...

SAP React 101 For SAP-Based Business Applications

Posted by Irit Gillath on March 22, 2021

SAP React

Research shows that the human attention span has now dropped to just eight seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000 (source: Microsoft). Such a short attention span makes building intuitive and smooth applications an essential...

Wine Warehouse: Digitizing SAP Warehouse and Logistics Operations

Posted by Cecilia Santis on February 23, 2021

At Wine Warehouse, commitment to marketing and distribution of premium beverages has always been at the forefront of what the company aims to achieve daily. However, when operating their warehouse and logistics on an SAP ERP platform, they...