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Q&A with Joshua Greenbaum: SAP Custom Code and Digital Transformations

Posted by Irit Gillath on October 5, 2021

The benefits of digital transformation have been heralded for years now — and there’s arguably no denying them — but knowing when and how to make that leap can still be confusing. Should you go all-in or take a modular approach? Can you...

The Lifecycle of a Custom Business Process in SAP

Posted by Shivam Kapoor on September 23, 2021


ABAP Code Remediation vs. ABAP Modernization

Posted by Vaidya Aiyer on September 16, 2021

As SAP users modernize their businesses by migrating to the latest and greatest from SAP, namely S/4HANA , the topic of “ABAP code remediation” usually comes to the forefront. There’s no doubt you need to migrate your mission-critical...

Pillir ASUG Report Shows 91% of SAP Users Rely on Custom Code

Posted by Irit Gillath on September 14, 2021

Research from 100+ SAP enterprises reveals that antiquated, customized applications are ubiquitous–and often a barrier to digital transformation

How To Extend Your SAP Supply Chain Management

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on August 31, 2021

Businesses would be hard-pressed to think of another time when they’ve faced the number and severity of supply chain disruptions occurring today. A White House blog on the topic describes the perfect storm creating unprecedented...

ASUG Research: 91% of Users rely on SAP Custom Code

Posted by Irit Gillath on August 30, 2021

The SAP partner community has received plenty of anecdotal information that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and custom code go hand in hand. Experience tells us that businesses often require specialized applications to optimize...

SAP Custom Code - The Pink Elephant in the Room

Posted by Vaidya Aiyer on August 26, 2021

Every successful technology in the world creates technical debt. At first, you can think of it as a pink puppy, small and manageable, but hard to ignore. As the technology matures, the pink puppy grows into a dog, transforms into...

6 Key Customizations for SAP Warehouse Management Systems

Posted by Irit Gillath on August 23, 2021

Competitive warehouses operate differently than they have in the past. Supply chain disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic have put additional pressure on warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) to deal with the unknown and quickly...

Pillir Names Industry Luminaries Jeff Smith, Vic Bhagat, Buell Duncan to New Advisory Board

Posted by Irit Gillath on August 11, 2021

Visionary executives will help drive Pillir’s rapid application development strategy to reduce the barriers to innovation posed by overly-complex legacy systems