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3 Ways to Optimize ABAP with Rapid Application Development

Within their existing SAP systems, corporations across the globe have long endured challenges with ABAP customizations. Not only is it difficult to maintain and identify ABAP customizations themselves, but the time, cost, and complexity of the ABAP language oftentimes impedes companies from moving forward with changes.

However, not making these customizations in ABAP actually ends up costing more time and money for corporations, as it leads to higher expenses to simply manage and run SAP. So what’s the best approach to customizing ABAP language within an existing SAP ERP system and gaining the ability to optimize ABAP?

In this post, we will discuss how to update ABAP to make it more responsive and automated using rapid application development solutions such as EdgeReady Cloud as well as the #1 ABAP cost analysis application called Modernize SAP. We’ll highlight how these solutions make ABAP customizations more streamlined and cost effective for your business as well as what rapid application development is and the benefits that come along with it.

What Is Rapid Application Development?

Rapid application development (RAD) is a software development model that makes use of little planning with the help of rapid prototyping. Prototypes are working models that function the same way the actual product is expected to operate.

RAD models allow the development of functional modules as prototypes and integrate these prototypes for the development of the complete product for faster speed to market. The unwarranted need for pre-planning makes it easier to incorporate the changes within the development process, which saves time for your team in the long-run.

Additionally, RAD projects make use of iterative and incremental modules, which will be further delved into throughout this blog. The different stages of rapid application development include:

  • Analysis and quick design
  • Prototype cycles consisting of Build, Demonstrate, Refine
  • Testing
  • Implementation

Benefits of Rapid Application Development

To understand why rapid application development solutions such as Pillir’s low code platform, EdgeReady Cloud, are a cost-effective and time saving approach to optimizing and modernizing ABAP, here are some of its many benefits and advantages:

  • RAD allows you to break down your project into small, manageable tasks.
  • Encouragement of code reuse, which means less manual coding, less room for errors, and shorter testing times.
  • Its structure allows project managers to improve their team efficiency by allocating tasks according to members' technical experience.
  • It allows product delivery to clients in a short time frame, greatly increasing speed-to-market.
  • Constant communication and feedback between team members and stakeholders help to increase the efficiency of the design and build process.

So how can rapid application development platforms or tools help corporations to take advantage of and start optimizing ABAP within their existing SAP systems?

3 Ways To Optimize ABAP with Rapid Application Development Platforms

Rapid application development platforms and tools allow the modernization of ABAP in the following ways:

Iterations and Prototypes

ABAP follows a concrete and rigid procedure model with a lot of emphasis on requirement analysis and collection before coding can commence. This old-fashioned method of coding changes makes it more challenging for users attempting to begin development. Users aren’t able to see the end product of what the application will look like, which makes it increasingly difficult to follow-through with ABAP coding changes.

To solve these challenges, RAD prototyping is essential for ABAP optimization and modernization. Rapid application development was created as an SAP solution that collects users’ input throughout the development process. Iterations and prototypes are a notable improvement for ABAP because with RAD, you can effectively create a prototype of what you want your system to look like. This can now be used to measure progress made on the way your project should look like. This is exactly what EdgeReady Cloud offers-- an easy-to-use, drag n drop interface wherein users can visualize what their application will look like before they are brought to market.

Rapid Integration

In the process of optimizing and modernizing ABAP in your SAP system, you may find there are changes that need to be made after the software is created. This process of going back into the created application or software can prove to be challenging and, at times, may not be feasible to integrate into the software.  

Rapid application development platforms and tools provide instant integration. They detect any errors or complications within integrations and also enforce quick resolutions. This allows the use of functional and independent components, which can be used to create the entire system.

Quick, productive code generation

Writing ABAP code can be time-consuming and, if not properly managed, can lead to unproductive and hard-to-maintain code generation.

RAD platforms and tools give room for quick, productive code generation, which allows users to create prototypes and working code quickly. For example, using EdgeReady Cloud to generate applications allows users to have access to a completely visual drag n drop interface with little-to-no coding. This streamlines code development and application delivery more quickly and with more accuracy.

How Modernize SAP and EdgeReady Cloud Support ABAP Modernization

With the various challenges related to ABAP customizations, using a low code, rapid application development platform, such as EdgeReady Cloud, is essential for both optimizing and modernizing ABAP language in existing SAP systems.

EdgeReady Cloud is a low code, rapid application development platform that helps to build applications faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Using cloud scalability, resiliency, and security, it offers pre-built features and functions, contributing to overall productivity for your business.Our platform allows you to maintain a standard and clean SAP system – lowering TCO and increasing the rate of change. It also enables you to understand how non-core customizations can be easily modernized with track improvement of efficiency of any operating environment over time.

Modernize SAP is another useful, diagnostic tool that allows corporations to identify ABAP technical debt, while also showing TCO and rate of change in minutes. Known as the #1 modernization app for SAP, it’s an extremely beneficial tool to save your company time and money in the process of optimizing SAP.

Install Modernize SAP, the number one ABAP Discovery and TCO Analyzer for SAP Customers today to enjoy its immense benefits. Click here to learn more.

Shivam Kapoor

Shivam Kapoor

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