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Modernize SAP with EdgeReady Cloud's ABAP discovery and analysis application for SAP, revealing customizations, while also showing TCO and rate of change calculations in minutes. 


Modernize with Pillir’s EdgeReady Application for SAP

For decades, global corporations have struggled to identify and maintain ABAP customizations within their existing SAP business systems due to the time, cost and the complexity of the ABAP programming language, as well as the proprietary skills needed to handle ABAP.

This has led to higher expenses to manage and run SAP, as well as a slower rate of change resulting in inefficient core operating environments. SAP’s best practices are to maintain a standard system, however ABAP code leveraged in customizations has presented issues for years for many SAP customers, despite it playing a key role in the functionality of an SAP ERP system.

Understanding how to identify this technical debt and define the total cost of customizations within an existing SAP ecosystem has never been more effective and transparent than with Pillir’s newest EdgeReady Cloud feature for SAP modernization.

Pillir has solved the issue that many companies face with creating and maintaining ABAP customizations by developing a new diagnostic application that deploys in one hour; taking the time, complexity and cost out of managing and maintaining ABAP non-core modifications and identifying the total cost to maintain them as well as how they impact your rate of change and speed to market, in a matter of minutes.

Modernizing SAP with the #1 ABAP Cost Analysis App for SAP ERP Customers

EdgeReady Cloud's ABAP cost analysis app was created as a diagnostic tool for SAP customers who require the ability to identify ABAP technical debt, while also evaluating the total cost of ownership and rate of change, in order to create business justification for modernization. This is critical whether they choose to maintain an ECC system or migrate identified ABAP customizations from ECC to S/4HANA.

Existing tools from SAP and other vendors, though rich with data, do not easily translate data for business stakeholders and are complex as well as time consuming to manage and run.

Pillir’s EdgeReady diagnostic app utilizes the power of the EdgeReady Cloud to easily help SAP ERP customers to identify, manage and migrate ABAP non-core modifications as well as show the total cost to maintain and/or migrate ABAP customization for any version of SAP.



Pillir’s EdgeReady plugin easily plugs into any SAP system, deploying a diagnostic app that instantly identifies all non-core ABAP custom objects and their interdependencies while utilizing the power of cloud-native technology.



This application allows you to see ABAP custom objects in an easily digestible and customizable dashboard that can be sent out as reports, making it easy to bridge the gap between technical, functional, and executive stakeholders for insight to total cost of ownership, rate of change, and speed to market.



This unique app then allows users to breakdown each custom object by category, and each group of objects by potential future state - giving a clear roadmap for what pieces of technical debt will stay, what can be fully eliminated, what will be standardized in future releases, and what are great targets for modernization to increase rate of change and speed to market.


Relevant in Every Stage of the SAP Migration Lifecycle


Before Migration

  • Baseline your current TCO of custom code to track improvements.
  • Accelerate all SAP projects, including change requests, EhP’s, and support packs.
  • Easy cost-benefit analysis to begin transformation long before migration to S/4HANA.

During Migration

  • Decrease costs immediately by understanding customizations that do not need to be remediated.
  • Have a clear path to a more standard SAP system, lowering TCO and increasing rate of change.
  • Build end-user applications that don’t need change management post-migration.

After Migration

  • Continue to maintain a standard and clean SAP system – lowering TCO and increasing rate of change.
  • Understand how non-core customizations can be easily modernized.
  • Track improvement of efficiency of any operating environment over time.

3rd Party Maintenance

  • Modernize your business irrespective of your legacy SAP versions.
  • Accelerate all SAP projects by relying on a modern development framework instead of ABAP.
  • Easy cost-benefit analysis to begin transformation that isn’t reliant on a core upgrade.

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