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How to Create SAP Mobile Applications for Quality Inspectors

Quality control and inspection is a critical process for any business using SAP. It’s also a very tedious process, prone to human errors and low efficiency. It is no wonder many organizations are working towards modernizing and automating workflows for their quality inspectors.

However, quality inspectors using SAP have their own unique auditing process, varying from line-to-line and product-to-product. What is direly needed is a common solution that solves the common issues that quality inspectors have and allows them to practice their individuality.

One such solution are SAP mobile applications for quality inspectors. In this blog, we'll explain why quality inspectors need to modernize and how EdgeReady Cloud allows rapidly built applications to be built for quality inspectors.

Why Quality Inspectors Need To Modernize

Many quality inspectors work within a realm of manual, sometimes paper-driven processes, to complete their day-to-day - so why would they need to modernize? To answer that, we first need to look at the downside of continuing manual, offline processes that many quality inspectors still operate within:

  • Lost productivity: Tasks such as data entry and discovery typically take more time and resources. In larger organizations, the difference of even a few minutes could mean hundreds of lost man hours.
  • Data Integrity: Data-based decisions need real-time data which isn’t possible to attain while utilizing manual processes. Additionally, there is a high probability of human error by integrating data.
  • Inefficient Process: A lack of real-time data restricts the insights and in turn, lowers the chance for improvement.
  • Increased Costs: Training can be burdensome and take more time and resources. When more resources are spent on maintenance, it leaves very little time for innovation.

These issues have a specific impact on metrics for quality inspection. They can result in poor quality, more defective parts per million, low equipment efficiency, low yield, and even low throughput.

How Should Quality Inspectors Modernize?

Quality inspectors can leverage the power of the cloud and rapid application development to convert legacy workflows into modernized processes.

Pillir offers pre-built, ready-to-use EdgeReady apps for SAP ERP systems for quality inspectors and also provides customization for any application as needed with little to no coding. For instance, Pillir provides pre-built applications for quality inspectors like Inventory Management, Mobility Inspection and Event Auditing. Pillir’s pre-built and custom apps have a simplified user experience to accommodate the needs of citizen developers and end users.

Utilizing EdgeReady Cloud to create applications allows quality inspectors to:
  • Easily utilize required customizations to meet your organization’s needs
  • Work with one composite app against multiple backend processes
  • Optimize a single source-code that can work for hundreds of devices and in up to 100 different languages – accommodating global needs
  • Fully integrate any application into existing core systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other legacy ERPs and database systems

Rapid Innovation for Quality Inspectors

Applications built on EdgeReady Cloud can be characterized by their resilience, integration, rapid deployment, and self-management.

This platform was built to support quality inspectors by:

  • Quickly defining key performance metrics that are fundamental to the quality inspection process
  • Monitoring real-time performance and measurement against key metrics
  • Analyzing the root cause of lags and receiving instant notifications for remediation
  • Quickly optimizing key metrics without any programming knowledge

Create SAP Mobile Apps for Quality Inspectors 

EdgeReady Cloud allows rapidly built applications to be built for quality inspectors in as little as seven hours.

Here is a breakdown of how this is possible – hour by hour:


As you can see from this video, using EdgeReady Cloud allows companies utilizing SAP to quickly deploy mobile applications for quality inspectors. 

Advantages Using The EdgeReady Cloud

You may be asking - "OK, what's so special about EdgeReady Cloud as opposed to other solutions?" There are many reasons why EdgeReady Cloud differs from competitive platforms - one such example is Pillir's patented offline technology.

Once you digitize using EdgeReady Cloud, the tangible benefits for any position can be seen instantly, such as:

  • An increase in the use of assets and detailed insights on asset utilization tasks
  • Theft and loss prevention of assets
  • Increased branch productivity
  • Performance tracking and error elimination
  • Reduction in training time as well as in-app training sessions
  • Contract compliance through digitization
  • Digitized and automated online processes which lead to continuous optimization and improvement

Within the scope of quality inspection, these benefits are also presented:

  • Continuous improvement in both business processes and app experience
  • Accurate, real-time data without the scope of human error
  • Efficient and intuitive processes that eliminate the need of any ongoing training
  • Lower costs and improvement in performance metrics such as quality, yield, scrap and defective parts

EdgeReady Cloud

Pillir (Formerly appsFreedom), is a low-code, cloud-native, PaaS provider that specializes in enabling customers to generate resilient, always-available, self-managing applications that work in any connectivity landscape.

EdgeReady Cloud, shown in the above images as the system of differentiation (SOD), provides rapid application development with little-to-no programming and reusable objects; enabling companies to enhance speed to market and innovation. With pre-built integrations for SAP, customers leverage Pillir to modernize any process or application in weeks, regardless of connectivity, device or back-end system.

For a limited time, Pillir is offering SAP customers a free demo regarding how to build their own unique app for quality inspectors. 

With no strings attached, contact our team to submit your use case and receive a demo today.

Shivam Kapoor

Shivam Kapoor

Shivam is a member of the Pillir Engineering team. He holds a master's in information systems management from Santa Clara University and a bachelors in information management engineering. Shivam enjoys long walks on the beach that takes him to the closest coffee shop.