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Invoice Processing: From Paper Chase to Penny Saved - How Automation Takes the Bite Out of Invoice Management


The invoice blues: a familiar tune for many businesses. Mountains of paper invoices multiply, demanding manual data entry (goodbye efficiency!), verification delays (hello, frustrated vendors!), and error-prone processes (ouch, wasted resources!). It's a paper chase that saps time, strains budgets, and can even lead to costly mistakes.


But imagine escaping this invoice blues… embracing intelligent document processing (IDP) as your hero! Pillir, AWS, and Adobe Acrobat Services step in, transforming this tedious chore into a streamlined, efficient process.


Say goodbye to paper. Pillir seamlessly integrates with SAP, capturing invoices electronically (think OCR technology magic!) through email, portals, or even physical scanners. No more paper mountains! AI takes the wheel, powered by machine learning, automatically extracting key data from invoices – line items, amounts, taxes, due dates, vendor information – populating them directly into your SAP system. No more typos, no more wasted hours!


Workflows become your allies. Invoices automatically route themselves for approval based on pre-defined rules, freeing managers to review and approve on the go, from any device (mobile phone, tablet, you name it!). Payments trigger upon approval, ensuring timely vendor relations and happy cash flow.


Beyond efficiency, IDP unlocks a treasure trove of value:


1. Enhanced visibility and control: Gain real-time insights into your invoice lifecycle, track spending patterns, and identify discrepancies.
2. Improved cash flow: Faster processing and approvals mean quicker payments, optimizing your financial health.
3. Reduced costs: Eliminate manual data entry, paper handling, and storage expenses. Free up resources for strategic initiatives!
4. Scalability for growth: Easily handle increasing invoice volumes without adding headcount, allowing your business to scale like a champion.


Ready to ditch the paper chase and embrace the IDP revolution? Pillir, AWS, and Adobe Acrobat Services offer the power to transform your invoice processing from a burden to a breeze. Take control, unleash the efficiency of automation, and watch your business thrive.


Get started today and experience the invoice processing revolution! Contact Pillir and see how their innovative IDP solution can save you time, money, and headaches, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.


Remember, every automated invoice is a penny saved, a process streamlined, and a step closer to financial freedom. So, take the leap, embrace the future of invoice management with IDP, and let your invoices sing a new tune: the melody of efficiency and success!.

Kapil Bhamburkar

Kapil Bhamburkar

Kapil is the Director of Customer Enablement at Pillir, has over 20 years of techno-functional experience in implementing enterprise business solutions for various industry verticals such as Logistics and Warehouse management, Production and Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Hi-Tech and Retail Industry clients. He is passionate about successfully deploying solutions using the EdgeReady Cloud. His experience and expertise in EdgeReady Cloud and understanding of business processes ensure that the deployment is always successful and on time. Before joining Pillir, Kapil worked with SEAL Consulting implementing SAP solutions for various global enterprises such as Chevron, Estee Lauder, HP, Celestica and others. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications and Business Management and lives in Monroe Twp, NJ with his wife and two kids.