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Empowering Customers, Driving Profits: Mobile App Solutions for the Cannabis Industry



Across the cannabis industry, retailers face difficulties communicating order updates to customers due to regulations and complex logistics. This can lead to frustration, confusion, and decreased customer satisfaction. Additionally, companies lack effective channels for targeted marketing and engagement with their audience.


Developing mobile app solutions tailored to the specific needs of cannabis retailers provides a powerful answer to these challenges. These apps can empower customers with the following:

  • Real-time order tracking: Users can easily monitor their orders, reducing anxiety and providing transparency.
  • Push notifications: Customers receive timely updates on order status, ensuring they know exactly when their purchase is ready.
  • Convenient location-based features: Apps can offer store locators, queue management, and other location-specific functionalities.
  • Secure and contactless payment options: Streamlined payment processes enhance user experience and convenience.

Benefits for Companies

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Improved communication and transparency lead to happier customers, boosting loyalty and repeat business.
  • Operational efficiency: Integrating apps with order management systems can streamline processes, reducing wait times and labor costs.
  • Targeted marketing opportunities: Personalized push notifications and in-app promotions reach the right audience at the right time, driving sales and engagement.
  • Valuable customer insights: App usage data provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, informing future marketing and product development strategies.

Case Example 

A leading provider of medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products, operating in three states, faced limitations in customer communication due to regulations. They developed a mobile app within a tight timeframe to address this challenge. The app featured:

  • Order tracking: Users could view their orders and status (processing, ready for pickup).
  • Push notifications: Customers received automatic updates about their order progress.
  • Geolocation verification: App access was restricted to the operational states.
  • Queue integration: Users could add themselves to the store's waiting queue when their order was ready.
  • Order modification: Users could indicate a desire to modify their order upon joining the queue.

Key Takeaways

Mobile app solutions offer a win-win scenario for both cannabis retailers and their customers. By empowering customers with convenient order tracking and communication, these apps create a positive user experience that fosters loyalty and satisfaction. For companies, the benefits translate to increased efficiency, targeted marketing opportunities, and valuable customer insights, ultimately leading to a significant boost in ROI.

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Kapil Bhamburkar

Kapil Bhamburkar

Kapil is the Director of Customer Enablement at Pillir, has over 20 years of techno-functional experience in implementing enterprise business solutions for various industry verticals such as Logistics and Warehouse management, Production and Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Hi-Tech and Retail Industry clients. He is passionate about successfully deploying solutions using the EdgeReady Cloud. His experience and expertise in EdgeReady Cloud and understanding of business processes ensure that the deployment is always successful and on time. Before joining Pillir, Kapil worked with SEAL Consulting implementing SAP solutions for various global enterprises such as Chevron, Estee Lauder, HP, Celestica and others. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications and Business Management and lives in Monroe Twp, NJ with his wife and two kids.