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Modernize SAP ERP with AWS Cloud Technology

There are a plethora of cloud technology solutions in today’s IT landscape. Ads abound for the value of the cloud and cloud-native technologies. With so many options, however, which are best for SAP customers and how do SAP customers achieve legacy modernization in their SAP ERP business systems easily with a reliable cloud-based solutions?

To answer the “how”, we would have to say with AWS.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a comprehensive cloud platform used globally by various startups, enterprises, and government agencies. It helps businesses become more agile and innovate faster by providing a reliable cloud solution for any industry. Along with AWS, companies like Pillir benefits from being built on AWS because of their ability to host innovative software solutions for SAP customers, like EdgeReady Cloud, to help companies from every industry transform the way they create applications and modernize SAP ERP.

To understand the relationship between Pillir and AWS and how Pillir benefits from AWS, providing our customers with flexible, resilient, and reliable solutions is just the beginning.

Pillir and AWS

In March 2020, Pillir announced its entrance into the AWS Cloud Marketplace—listing EdgeReady Cloud as the most effective low-code rapid application development solution for SAP ERP modernization and digitization. By entering AWS Marketplace, Pillir’s cloud-native solutions provide AWS customers with the ability to digitize workflows within SAP ERP systems through the creation of custom applications, while also meeting the needs of ERP customers in the Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other legacy ERP ecosystems - all of which can also be easily modernized with EdgeReady Cloud.

The entrance of EdgeReady Cloud into AWS Cloud Marketplace allows for more customers to customize and digitize their business systems and legacy workflows - saving time, money, and manpower spent on maintenance and outdated manual processes while completely modernizing SAP with AWS cloud technology.

AWS Capabilities

AWS is known as a subsidiary of Amazon, and provides modernized, cloud computing platforms such as storage, data analysis, and much more. Amazon is considered the most powerful and flexible solution amongst all the cloud service providers in the market, which is one of the reasons why Pillir has joined forces with AWS, as both provide unparalleled legacy modernization and digitization solutions for ERP customers.

AWS itself also has incredible service for its clients. Its functionality and various flexible and scalable features provided to customers also enable it to be faster, easier, and more cost effective in moving existing apps to the cloud.

EdgeReady Cloud relies on the power of AWS to extend business applications, like those created for SAP, to remote places with or without connectivity - enabling personnel to work from any location, on any device. EdgeReady applications by Pillir can scale to any number of users and load in seconds with no infrastructure or people-overhead for internal IT organizations.

Visit AWS Marketplace here to learn more about EdgeReady Cloud solution for SAP customers.

Why EdgeReady Cloud Benefits SAP Customers

SAP customers no longer have to waste time, energy or manpower on outdated legacy processes by using EdgeReady Cloud. But how does this cloud-native platform benefit SAP customers?

For one, its low-code rapid application development platform enables organizations to generate user-centric, custom apps that tightly integrate with any core system - using the world’s most advanced offline capability to digitize every role and workflow on any device. Not to mention it natively integrates with SAP, as well as many other complex systems.

Modernizing SAP with cloud technology makes building out apps faster and easier, giving SAP customers valuable time back in their day to help their business focus on innovation and not simply keeping the lights on. Additionally, AWS customers running SAP also have exclusive access to Pillir’s latest Modernization feature – an SAP ABAP discovery and TCO analyzation capability – allowing SAP customers to discover and visualize their existing technical debt and total cost of maintaining new and existing ABAP customizations in SAP.

Customers utilizing ECC or migrating to S/4HANA can make data-driven decision to keep their SAP core standard by modernizing their customizations with Pillir and leveraging the power of the AWS cloud to ensure that their solutions will always stay available, secure and modernized.

To learn more about how you can modernize your SAP ERP with Pillir and leverage the power of AWS’ cloud solutions, click here.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.