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Best Practices for SAP Modernization in Supply Chain

Within the supply chain channel, automation and legacy modernization is greatly needed to fulfill global business needs and meet consumer demands. Many supply chain-centric enterprise companies are still relying on SAP systems with manual workflows and legacy processes - resulting in time wasted that could otherwise be focused on business growth - and this is where the challenge lies: this lag in productivity use to using manual workflows is hurting rather than helping the supply chain channel - causing major backups and inefficiencies. Additionally, the lack of connectivity while working in any supply chain area has also caused workers to have to manually enter information into their SAP business system later on, often causing an increase in human error and difficulty maintaining safety protocols within the channel.

Mobile Mini, Inc., which is the world's leading provider of portable storage solutions, was running into similar challenges. The issues resulting from their use of lengthy manual paper processes, due to the lack of modernization within their SAP ERP system, was causing major issues for their team members and was resulting in higher operational costs than budgeted. There was also a lack of real-time visibility into the company's core assets which led to theft and loss.

This lack of visibility and reliance on manual workflows has caused many supply chain-centric companies to question how they can modernize their SAP ERP systems effectively and quickly in order to gain back valuable time, energy, and money - not to mention reliable connectivity in any landscape.

This is why Mobile Mini worked with Pillir to utilize EdgeReady Cloud - a low-code rapid application development (RAD) platform, that allows teams to connect online and offline, relying on a user-centric, customized experience that tightly integrates to SAP.

Why was this such an essential upgrade for Mobile Mini? What are some best practices that were utilized in their project when modernizing SAP ERP for supply chain execution?

Streamlined Application Development

One best practice for modernization that Mobile Mini utilized with EdgeReady Cloud was having a functional, streamlined way to develop apps for any project. Manual processes not only increase the chance of human errors, but also take longer to complete, which is why it's best practice to make sure your SAP ERP system has access to easily-built, custom applications.

This means that anyone has the ability to build custom online and offline apps, digitizing and mobilizing manual paper processes. In Mobile Mini's case, they had previously been running into issues with being able to customize advanced offline management tools across inventory, job site tools and logistics. It was critical for them to be able to custom develop apps within their SAP systems.

After switching over to EdgeReady Cloud, they were able to take full advantage of low-code customizable solutions. Mobile Mini no longer has to rely on a complex ERP system that was the core of the entire business operation-and can instead be confident that EdgeReady Cloud quickly and easily provides fully integrated, customized enterprise-scale applications for supply chain.

Connectivity in Any Landscape, on Any Device

Being able to effectively conduct business processes throughout the workday-no matter the technology landscape - is critical for anyone in the supply chain industry. If employees are unable to connect to their core system, companies incur additional costs in overhead and workflows can see a great lag in productivity.

Mobile Mini was running into this exact challenge - employees weren't always able to connect when they were in locations with bad internet connectivity. They needed a solution that was device-agnostic and worked offline and online - not having to rely on internet connectivity.

Pillir designed and built a custom online/offline app for Mobile Mini that tightly integrated to their SAP system and finally allowed their business to productively thrive and reduce costs.

Rapid Deployment of Digitized Solutions

Another best practice that's imperative to take into account when searching for an SAP ERP legacy modernization solution is speed to market-otherwise known as how quickly a digitized solution is able to adapt to your current business process. Rather than having to expend manpower and take time training your employees on a new system over the span of months to years, use a platform that deploys rapidly.

Pillir's rapid application development solution for Mobile Mini offered seamless deployment to global locations and users in a quick, rapid fashion. Additionally, there was no programming and no infrastructure investments or people-overhead for operational costs, and a significant reduction of maintenance time and effort for future enhancements and support.

Simplified User Experience

One of the last best practices for choosing a solution in the supply chain industry is searching for a platform that offers an easy to use, UX friendly system. Outdated SAP systems are highly technical and complex, and not all businesses have the time or energy to spend training their employees on its complexities.

This was another challenge that Mobile Mini was facing: how can they efficiently get their users onboarded onto a system and allow them to be able to work in said systems quickly?

With EdgeReady Cloud, a low-code rapid application development platform offered by Pillir, Mobile Mini was able to be trained on the use of their newly modernized system and now enjoys a user-centric, customized experience. Process and productivity efficiencies have also been gained, along with free user movement into storage areas to perform physical inventory activities.

If you're interested in learning more about how you company can improve its productivity like Mobile Mini, reach out to our team today or click here to learn more.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.