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How Low Code Is Lowering Costs for ERP Customers

Low code development may be considered trendy, however, it is an extremely innovative and cost-effective software development approach for any organization. If easily and rapidly being able to create web applications interests you, so will the cost savings associated with it. In fact, understanding how low code is lowering TCO for ERP customers is essential in times where budgets may be tightened or decreasing

Before diving into the "how", it’s important to understand the "what" - meaning defining the concept of low code itself. Low code is a software development approach to coding that allows users to create and manage applications quickly with minimal manual coding required- automating the creation of web apps in a manner that makes their creation both quick and effective.

OK, that was quick - great. We know what low code is, but how does it lower costs?

Let's review a few essential points about the benefits of low code and we'll let the "how" naturally reveal itself. 

Drag and Drop Pretty Much Does It All

Low code platforms, like EdgeReady Cloud, offer drag-and-drop interfaces that boost the agility of applications, making them more reliable and efficient. This efficiency causes margin for error to be significantly reduced, providing the automation needed to have a successful product and increasing speed to market. Low code removes the complexity from building modern applications and allows companies to create enterprise solutions without having hire costly coding specialists. Don't think, however, that drag-and-drop means less customization.

Companies like Pillir actually works directly with you to create easy to use, low code custom apps for systems like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics - some of which have been using the same coding language since the 1980s... yikes. Pillir actually uses patented software to help overcome the challenges of outdated code language, so don't think that custom, modernized applications are out of reach if you're using an older system.

Low Code Increases Efficiency

Think about how long web applications deployments currently take to go live and be used fully within your organization... most likely much longer than it really should. If it's taking months to get a custom web application built, then you're definitely spending more than you should on man hours alone. 

When utilizing low-code for legacy modernization, updated apps can be created in a fraction of the time it takes an organization to create them. This will significantly decrease costs in the long run. EdgeReady Cloud provides anyone with the ability to rapidly create modern applications with little-to-no programming and reusable objects; enabling companies to enhance speed to market and innovation. 

Don't think that weaving innovative technologies into your current business system means needing to add more zeros to your budget for the year. Creating custom applications with a low code platform will actually lower costs in the long run while increasing efficiency.

There's a great use case that actually tells the story of how one such company saved costs and increased efficiency by modernizing paper-based manual processes with Pillir. 

Download the case study to learn more.

Developers Aren't Really Required

Costs associated with developers and advanced coders can take a lot out of a company’s budget. With low-code development as an alternative to hiring experienced coders, web applications can be deployed in a much more cost-effective manner – especially when utilizing EdgeReady Cloud.

Low code platforms enable companies  to meet a growing demand for digital transformation by generating applications without having to conduct repetitive initial programming, basic infrastructure builds, and basic control set ups. Drag-and-drop interfaces and custom application development from platforms like Pillir provide an easy way to create web applications without the heavy costs of hiring coding experts.

Low Code Increases Productivity

Not only will your IT team be more productive, but so will the members of your entire organization with the right low code platform.

Offering users the ability to automatically test their environment on any device or network can take on the most complex use cases and help increase speed-to-market timelines with less resources than ever. With the innovation and agility that low-code platforms offer, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are adopting its processes to accomplish digitization.

Satisfied Customers, User Experience (UX)

Speed and efficiency are key attributes in having a functioning business. Along with this comes significant customer satisfaction as well. If your product is working well, your customers will be happy as well. This will not only reduce costs in spending money on robust coding development, but also gives you back time to market and curate to your clients.

With current trends creating more demand for products that are new to emerging and pre-existing industries, the faster your organization is able to meet customer demand, the happier the customer and team members working with them will be. 

How Can EdgeReady Cloud Help Cut Costs?

EdgeReady Cloud provides rapid application development with little-to-no programming and reusable objects; enabling companies to enhance speed to market and legacy modernization. This offers users the ability to build apps quickly that integrate with their existing business system and enhance mobility solutions within any industry.

Pillir customers have been able to utilize EdgeReady Cloud to take costs that were reserved for keeping the lights on and funneling them into innovation - lowering their TCO and increasing speed to market.

ERP customers leverage Pillir to modernize their processes and applications in weeks - regardless of connectivity, device or back end system. Pillir’s offline capabilities are uniquely patented and offer the ability to rapidly enhance mobility solutions.

For a limited time, Pillir is offering SAP customers a free ABAP discovery tool called NANCI, the only TCO and ABAP Technical Debt Analyzer for SAP systems

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Is your organization using another ERP system like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, or another legacy database?

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Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.